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dressed in clothing characteristic of a period, country, or class

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I figure the outfit will be a perfect fit for one of the more than 50 costumed bands participating in the Adults Parade on the last day of the month-long celebration in May.
21) Accounts by travelers point to the contradiction between the sober self-presentation of republican austerity - the conservative black togas worn by the men(22) - and the prominence of courtesans whose bodies were richly costumed like those of noblewomen.
Kids will enjoy face painting, a costume contest, and costumed parade, and parents will appreciate this safe opportunity for trick-or-treating amongst the zoo animals (Oct.
Six Flags Magic Mountain holds its Fright Fest, featuring costumed ghosts and ghouls, live shows, mazes, street entertainers, children's area, and roller coasters in the dark (including Colossus backward), weekends through Oct.
Painter Fernand Leger's vision of technological society was strongly depicted in The Creation of the world, in which three dancers costumed as monkeys used their outrageously long arms to gesture mechanistically.
Featuring Verne Troyer, who plays the evil Mini-Me in "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me," the Austin Powers(TM) float will include 16 costumed "go-go" dancers who will perform a `60s dance number, choreographed by Marguerite Derricks, famous for the Gap Swing Dance ads and the choreography from both Austin Powers films.
The dogs are among the hundreds of Santa Clarita animals that will join costumed children next week, their furry faces surrounded with petals or topped with silly hats or wigs; their coats covered with everything from the red coats of firefighters, the herringbone pattern of a Sherlock Bones costume or white Spandex trimmed in gold.
Haskell offered a simple, all-inclusive definition of ballet: "Ballet," he wrote, "is a form of theatrical entertainment that tells a story, develops a theme, or suggests an atmosphere through the orchestration of a group of costumed dancers trained according to strict rules and guided in tempo and spirit by the music against a decorative background; music, movement, and decoration being parallel in thought.
The venue complements the elite group of professional dancers and performers in tandem with all the guests costumed in Pimp'n Ho attire.
The elaborately costumed show will be staged at 7:30 p.