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average cost of basic necessities of life (as food and shelter and clothing)

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Similarly, Rousseau (1995) found that costs of living are about 90 percent higher in Paris at 9 million people than in a typical French city.
With average property prices at around pounds 105,000 and cheap food, drink and fuel, it topped a poll for quality and costs of living.
Those in states with relatively low salary structures and low cost of living will undoubtedly benefit the most, as it provides an immediate competitive advantage by raising purchasing power relative to states with higher salaries but also higher costs of living.
Contrary to stereotype, good salaries in Scotland and the North, combined with more reasonable costs of living, are affording northern employees the best standards of living in the country," Mr Frost added.
Tenant member, Adrienne Holder, said tenants' costs of living and quality of life were not be factored into the RGB decision.