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Synonyms for costly

Synonyms for costly

Synonyms for costly

entailing great loss or sacrifice


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having a high price

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What's more, the tax-sharing process also might avoid costly and time-consuming lawsuits.
Bentley OnSite has already proven its abilities in the field by dramatically increasing efficiency and performance and decreasing project risk and costly rework.
Stark and the other congressmen argued that as administrator WellPoint would have been able to direct sickly - and thus, more costly - children to other plans while sending the healthiest children to its own plan.
Because recovery of a brokerage commission is very much dependent on the precise terms of the agreement between the principal and broker, a clear written agreement can avoid a costly legal battle.
The result is a sharply eroded constitutional protection, because rights that are too costly and time-consuming to enforce aren't really rights.
According to industry analysts IDC and Gartner, as much as 65% of enterprise data is created, stored and used in remote offices where costly, complex physical tape backup/restore systems are not feasible.
Employers can implement alternative work schedules only after two-thirds of their employees approve the change by secret ballot - a costly and time-consuming process.
The purposes of the owner's explicit disclaimer are to make it clear to the subcontractors, and indeed, through their acknowledgement of the disclaimer, obtain their agreement, that they have no contractual recourse against the owner; avoid a long and costly litigation over the construction manager's role as agent or independent contractor; and give the owner a basis to move to dismiss the subcontractor's claim at the outset of litigation.
The problem is that FELA encourages management and labor to blame each other, which can lead to costly and unnecessary litigation.
Performing value engineering during the conceptual stages thus prevents costly reworking of documents and minimizes future operating expenses.
While companies have achieved various levels of regulatory compliance, many processes are still manual and have become costly ongoing tasks.
Insider trading is tremendously costly for the bidding companies,'' Meulbroek said.
Is the item substantially more costly than a medically appropriate and realistically feasible alternative pattern of care?