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Synonyms for costly

Synonyms for costly

Synonyms for costly

entailing great loss or sacrifice


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having a high price

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Sources told that an Afghan Colony has been established on more than 10 Kanals of costly land in Bani Gala.
A Honduran international striker, Costly had fallen out of love with Belchatow claiming he wasn't used in the correct position and that he was suffering from racist taunts from the stands.
Bruce has set up a move to land Costly, 27, in the next window - despite Latics being keen to add him to their Hispanic colony.
The benefits of such a strategy go beyond DR, resulting in process improvements that will make daily operations less costly and easier to manage.
Costly cleanups of contaminated soils or water sources are another set of risks that can manifest themselves following sale to the unsuspecting buyer.
From a societal perspective, supervised medical prescription of methadone plus heroin is less costly than methadone maintenance treatment.
It helps ensure maximum availability of mission-critical server applications and vital network resources and avoid costly down time.
This leads to the second benefit of uniformity--a worry-free raw material that will make it much easier and less costly to build your products.
With more time and experience, far greater numbers have found it costly to bring their entire company into compliance: October 2002 June 2003 Extremely costly -- 3% Very costly 3% 13% Somewhat costly 29% 44% Total 32% 60% More executives also are concerned about the long-term cost of control and compliance: October 2002 June 2003 Much higher long-term costs expected 12% 27% Somewhat higher long-term costs expected 59% 58% Total 71% 85% Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers' www.
These can be sufficiently severe to require costly and lengthy field machining to return the base plate to the required specifications.
SemPen is a spot primer/paint applicator that's easy to use, easy to dispose of and vastly reduces costly overgrinding and painting of aircraft.
More costly would be to operate a Web site that taps into back-office systems, such as the manufacturer's enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.
When you are new to exporting, you often don't know what you do not know, and that can be costly.
Fourth, economics and reimbursement issues are encouraging a greater emphasis on ambulatory settings, as they are less costly.
Although most MRO purchases are for relatively small amounts, most companies apply the same controls to those transactions as they do to more costly purchases.