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the quality possessed by something with a great price or value

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During the session, Kazakhstani MPs repeatedly complained about the costliness of holidays in Kazakhstan.
For example, in the NSBA survey, the top barriers to exporting cited included a lack of knowledge about exporting and how to get started (46%), worries about payment (26%), and costliness (20%).
I personally have experienced some humdingers that drive home the costliness of this problem.
And in recent years, with the costliness of landfill tax an increasing burden, many landfill sites are being closed, which has paved the way for waste and sustainable ways to recycle it - thereby encouraging the development of the EfW market.
We found little relationship between the area-level costliness of treating specific conditions and the overall costliness of the site, despite the fact that treatment of most conditions in higher total cost areas was more specialist oriented.
The first analytical tool that can help us think about the emergent dynamics of economic phenomena is the costliness of knowledge.
Love's costliness makes it easy to get distracted with less dangerous relationships that fit nicely in the patterns dictated by our consumer-oriented society.
The FAA was enacted to "revers[e] centuries of judicial hostility to arbitration agreements," (6) and was designed to allow parties to avoid "the costliness and delays of litigation" and to place arbitration agreements "upon the same footing as other contracts[.
The costliness of citizen demands is not a straightforward function of the economic benefits sought.
Regarding the significance of simultaneous information of suction, moisture, and hydraulic conductivity in many issues of water and soil and also with respect to costliness and time--consuming of conducting laboratory measurements for estimating soil moisture curve, it is observed that the results of this research properly revealed that it is possible to estimate moisture curve indirectly with a good approximation by measuring unsaturated hydraulic conductivity using tension disc infiltrometer through RETC Software.
As South Sudan relies on oil revenues for 90 per cent of its economy, the prohibitive costliness and time-consuming nature of constructing an alternative pipeline through neighbouring Kenya to the coast at Lamu, the stalemate is unlikely to be tenable for long.
The complexity and costliness of scheduling training and seeking out adequate drug supplies has taken its toll on first responders and emergency room staff throughout the Bay State.
Agriculture and horticulture in the area suffer from problems such as low per-acre yield, outdated farming techniques, non-availability and costliness of inputs, etc, to name a few years of militancy and last years floods have almost destroyed entirely the crop pattern and produce.
Ivory's print and online campaign is equally entertaining, as it offers the same kind of simple and straightforward messages, including "When Dirt Changes Its Formula So Will We," "Just Add Water" and "Cleanliness Needn't Involve Costliness.