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Synonyms for costly

Synonyms for costly

Synonyms for costly

entailing great loss or sacrifice


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having a high price

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Though less than 5% of small businesses file claims for reputational harm, it is the costliest claim they face.
According to HSBC Holdings (LSE: HSBA), education in Australia is the costliest in the world.
One" and Akshay Kumar's "Blue", both of which are deemed as the costliest Bollywood films to have been made with a budget of a[sup.
The Japan earthquake - incurring losses of 210 billion dollars - was the costliest disaster of all times, even without including the Fukushima nuclear incident.
Two of the 10 costliest natural disasters since 1950 - the earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand - have occurred this year.
Japan damage "Two of the 10 costliest natural disasters since 1950 - the earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand - have occurred this year.
Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma are three of the costliest hurricanes in U.
The Russian capital was found to be the costliest city on the planet, 12 per cent dearer to live in than London and nearly 25 per cent more expensive than New York City.
The study found that facilities in Stamford, Connecticut, have the costliest average rate at $347 per day; the room rate average is lowest in Shreveport, Louisiana ($88 per day).
The claim that Titanic was the costliest film of all time holds up only if you believe the studio's rough estimate that it cost $200 million to make the film.
These sponsorships--worth $40 million each--are the costliest ever for the Olympics.
Recessions reinforce this process because recessions are costliest to middle-and working-class people who lose their jobs, while the rich rarely become unemployed.
Four of the five costliest earthquakes in the past three decades have occurred in the past three years.
The Hartford recently analyzed homeowner claims data from the last five full winters (December to March) and conducted an online survey of 184 of its property adjusters to find out what are the most costliest winter claims.
The firm said that insurance that was paid out in 2012 totalled USD77bn globally, making it the third costliest year on record.