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Synonyms for costly

Synonyms for costly

Synonyms for costly

entailing great loss or sacrifice


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having a high price

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1]104583); base price is costlier than Hyundai Sonata by $1,937 (approximately a[sup.
The high levels of illness and deprivation in the south and east of the county as well as in some rural areas also accounts for the slightly costlier service, he said.
The DOE is ahead of schedule on packaging nuclear materials for disposal, disposing of low-level waste, and removing buildings, but lags on the tougher and costlier tasks of disposing of transuranic and radioactive tank wastes and closing tanks that contained radioactive waste.
Obaid on June 1 said getting oil out of the fields mentioned above had proven more challenging and required costlier drilling technology then expected.
The company estimates that quick, walkie-talkie style conversations will nix the need to make costlier phone calls.
It blamed subdued consumer spending, with shoppers opting to buy essential items rather than costlier ``treats
fell right in line with his expectation that the clothing chain would increase earnings by capitalizing on costlier fashion trends.
While a bit costlier than conventional formulations due to its special isocyanate prepolymer, the low-MDI formulation can be applied robotically in the paint shop in a standard ventilation environment.
The new aircraft - three 186-seat Airbus A321s and a 150-seat A320 - have already been introduced to the airline's fleet and have replaced four less efficient and costlier A310s.
A delay in reducing greenhouse gas, especially carbon dioxide, will require deeper, costlier emissions cuts in the future and result in more damage to the environment and human health.
It is a grim reminder that keeping the peace may prove costlier than winning the war.
Their presence on the road is leading to costlier and deadlier accidents, raising insurance rates that are shared by all, contributing to climate change, and, if Huffington's logic holds, helping build a more dangerous tomorrow for our children.
Business owners are familiar with maintenance costs as a line item, but zeroing that line item out of a recycling company budget ultimately will prove even costlier.
The settlement in the Geoghan case won final approval on Thursday, four months after the church backed out of a much costlier agreement.
We have come across cases where two ink cartridges were costlier than the price of the printer.