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Our second case is where prospective injurers can predict actual harm perfectly and costlessly.
In this case, if regulatory compliance were achievable costlessly, the optimal voting fraud limit would be zero, or something quite near that.
The important theme that guides this conclusion is that it is impossible to break the ownership risk of certain MNE assets that can costlessly be placed in any jurisdiction.
Inventoried units carry over costlessly and are sold on a first-in-first-out basis.
A "complete" property system, in which property was defined with "full" precision on all dimensions, would be costlessly achievable; in such a system rights would refer to the tiniest uses over the shortest times availing between each pair of members of society, existing and unborn, and would incorporate every conceivable contingency.
Specifically, there are implications of the very point that capital assets just cannot be shifted costlessly from one activity to another.
Those capital goods cannot be used for any old production process, at least not costlessly.
The search and matching model introduces frictions into the labor market in the sense that workers and employers cannot costlessly contact each other.
The consequences of the noise in a costlessly verifiable proxy can
Understanding persuasion research and how it can be easily and often costlessly applied by businesses can dramatically improve sales revenues, marketing success and even improve effectiveness in areas such as leadership and negotiation," says Steve Martin one of the book's authors.
It has been assumed that the regulator costlessly selects a punishment to impose on individuals caught violating a policy.
Because the negligent act always entails additional costs of care, the negligence is costlessly observed, and the contract costlessly enforced, it would always be cheaper not to commit negligence.
Economists should not assume that the necessary institutions exist and operate flawlessly and costlessly.
t] Note that, as in Pindyck (1988), we assume that the firm can be shut down costlessly during a time period as soon as is [[theta].
Convinced that because fossil fuels apparently are nearly exhausted as a practical energy source and we can abandon them almost costlessly, opponents of fossil fuels advocate drastic reduction of their use to prevent a ruinous crisis of carbon dioxide pollution.