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costing nothing

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The six total treatments are generated by conducting the (i) single-period, (ii) multi-period with costless delay, and (iii) multi-period with costly delay protocol (our Baseline protocol), with buyers making offers in the first three treatments and sellers making demands in the other three treatments.
Commenting on the launch of the card, Kamran Siddiqi, General Manager of Visa in the Middle East said, "It is valid for use at over 10 branches of the Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society and four branches of Costless Electronics & Infotech, which represents now about 100 different brands.
Each of the strategies allows for both costless (cheap talk) and costly signals.
While the council is obsessed with trams,it is losing sight of the opportunity presented by the European Capital of Culture title to gain active government support and financial aid for the provision of major exhibition and conference facilities and a large arena, none of which the city possesses, and which would collectively costless than the trams.
The Kirkland Lake council found an almost costless strategy to make children, money, and talent stick in the North.
If one previously sent out: mailings, -invoices -Order Confirmations -Solicitations or other similar data-driven/personalized/customized bulk then ReportMailer provides a costless delivery mechanism.
In February, the company closed 128 Lechters units, 27 Famous Brands Housewares Outlet stores and 11 Costless Home Stores.
The restructuring plan includes scrapping its Costless Home Store, which has 11 retail stores, and closing 155 underperforming stores: 128 Lechters stores and 27 Famous Brands Housewares Outlet stores.
Adjustments to these competitive pressures are far from costless, however, so they tend to be resisted by some firms and workers.
Branson believes that if the Nationwide converted it could produce an apparently costless pounds 2 billion windfall for charity.
Consequently, in the extreme case in which it is costless to catch and convict offenders, the optimal policy has a relatively low fine but punishes criminals with probability one.
A second objection is that hedging the foreign exchange exposure is not a costless activity.
Carol Cox, president of the watchdog Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, warns, "You can't have a separate class of expenditures that we pretend is costless.