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costing nothing

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For Costless, which is planning to roll out six new stores in Abu Dhabi this year, the exhibition will be a chance to meet potential buyers.
Jehas Habison, purchasing manager of Costless Electronics, said: "We see immense growth potential in the electronics industry for 2013.
It is noteworthy that all such modes of financing are free from interest but not costless, where cost would depend on supply and demand for funds based on the sharing of risks and rewards.
This alternative allows plan sponsors to consider other options without bundled fees, and these might, in the end, costless.
Suggesting that the bank is costless ignores the very real distortions introduced into the economy whenever the government intervenes.
Although "imposing new privacy protections will not be costless," the FTC's report says, "the Commission believes doing so not only will help consumers but also will benefit businesses by building consumer trust in the marketplace.
Costless punishments are, of course, more attractive to the designer.
Urfan, who runs Costless Express in Muirhouse, Edinburgh, said: "I had no idea it would get so many hits.
Dr Bollard also noted that disaster preparedness is necessary and desirable, but not costless.
Consequently, the board of directors decided in June that it would be wise to protect cash flow for the second half by hedging, and we put in place a costless collar with an USD85 floor and USD102.
The quick and costless conflict in Iraq, predicted by the Bush administration, is nowhere to be seen and the actual costs of the war in Iraq far exceeds the estimates developed by the then administration before going to war.
With no taxes to pay on the property, it is virtually costless for a speculator to buy and hold a non-income producing property, and just wait for prices to increase.
Two of the latter treatments have costless delay (that is, [delta] = 0%) and two treatments have costly delay.
Max (Oasis Centre, Dubai) and Costless (Mina, Abu Dhabi).
Carbon mitigation investments will not be costless, and other valuable investments will be displaced by the resources we devote to stopping climate change.