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retarding evacuation of feces


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The station is a qualitative addition to the national grid through coverage of the demand for electricity during peak times as an alternative to costive thermal and gas electricity generation.
That costive approach extends, here, to how audiences receive her work.
Clyde found a planet--which those costive bastards of the International Astronomical Union now say isn't a planet
On the other side, the interests at credits are even more costive, and the credit allowance conditions are more restrictive.
In the other literary worlds I am familiar with--the USA and France--their novelists seem positively costive compared to ours--always excluding the prodigious John Updike, of course.
economic progress has steadily out-distanced that of the economically costive EU economy, particularly that part of it that Mr Donald Rumsfeld once referred to as "old Europe".
Two men from Queen Camel, the village a mile and a half north of Marston Magna, however, were less costive.
Though medical and cultural understanding of constipation has been overlooked by most historians of hygiene in the last decades of the twentieth century, Whorton shows that the subject was of considerable importance to medical practitioners, pharmaceutical manufacturers, health gurus, quacks and patients with costive bowels.