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retarding evacuation of feces


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Two men from Queen Camel, the village a mile and a half north of Marston Magna, however, were less costive.
Though medical and cultural understanding of constipation has been overlooked by most historians of hygiene in the last decades of the twentieth century, Whorton shows that the subject was of considerable importance to medical practitioners, pharmaceutical manufacturers, health gurus, quacks and patients with costive bowels.
That Coleridge, with his chronic verbal dysentery, should often have become costive is an obvious but irresistible irony.
Here was a moment when the sixteen dreary, costive years of Deukmeijian and Wilson were being bid adieu, and the only rhetorical flourish Davis could muster was to compare Willie Brown to a shopping mall Nordstrom's.
Yet behind Fuller's ease there lies disease; that which is caught so contagiously in the killing rhyme of a couplet from The Rape of the Lock: `to costive lap-dog gave disease, / Which not the tears of brightest eyes could ease' (IV.
let him rub all the soles of his feete, and the heeles, and his ancles, with a mouse skinne, or if none of your people can catch a mouse, when tree goes to bed, let him rowle his feete in the warme embers, and I warrant you tree shall be well and you may make him put his fingers betweene his toes and smell to them, it's very soveraigne for his head if he be costive.
John Bowen's new book, an attempt "to elucidate the contribution of a poetic history to historical anthropology," is the first serious investigation of their ways since the great Dutch Islamicist Snouck Hurgronje's classic study of one hundred years ago, and, as an inquiry into the complex cultural experience of this remote and costive Southeast Asian people, is its honorable successor.
For example, the classical theme of the universal flow of beings and divine knowledge (de fluxu entis) provides the occasion for an ironic series with four terms: ordure, excrement, turd, and cat's flux (46-47), dysenterical evacuation of substance which, in the theophanical context, follows hard on A Spiritual Syringe for the Costive in Devotion, proposed by the neo-Thomist, Mr.
And these more or less costive attitudes were fortified by a refusal to grant the poet any more license than any other citizen; and they were further induced by having to conduct oneself as a poet in a situation of ongoing political violence and public expectation.
Much was achieved with the minimum of costive paper work and bureaucracy, and the maximum use of homespun, unmalicious wit and ready smile.