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When foundries select software, the lead often is taken by employees interested in the system's ability to satisfy needs other than costing, such as order entry, billing, material requirements planning, shop loading and inventory control.
But this is the approach you need, absent the availability of acuity-based costing systems.
If actual case costing information is available, each RGN weight could be multiplied by the hospital's adjustment factor and divided by the actual average cost per case for those specific cases.
Saint Mary's Health Care, which operates a network that includes 2,500 employees, a 324-bed hospital, and several centers for specialized care, has recently deployed BusinessObjects Activity Based Costing to help quantify the costs of providing services to patients.
Conventional costing, by contrast, allocates overhead costs using direct labor content as the primary yardstick--though it also takes other departmental expenses into account.
As a result of its more sophisticated approach to product costing, ABC provides companies with better product costs and a better understanding of product pricing and product mix decisions on their profitability.
Active involvement by top-level management is the key to a profitable costing and pricing system.
This introduces a new aspect of overhead costing, which has not been customary other than in special libraries.
Five years ago, a number of manufacturing companies formed a consortium, Computer Aided Manufacturing-International CAM-1), to develop a new approach to product costing.
Packaged with the Blueprint Architect is an embedded database featuring Lyra Research's market intelligence that provides automatic models-based costing information on over 5,700 printers, copiers, and multi-function products.
In the United States alone, approximately 25 percent(1) of the population is afflicted, costing $70 billion a year in medical costs(2) and 515 million lost workdays.
If desired, engineers can use 3-D part geometry data for cost estimating by importing solid models into DFM Concurrent Costing from all the major CAD/CAM software systems, including Pro/ENGINEER, CATIA, Unigraphics, I-DEAS, AutoCad, SolidWorks, and many others.
com), recently acquired by Cahners Business Information, to deliver the first fully-integrated, Web-based parametric costing system for the building industry.
Advanced Costing Components Enable Process Manufacturers