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a hawker of fruit and vegetables from a barrow

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In the mid-80s, the Costermonger was at the heart of Birmingham's rock scene, with other venues including Mr Bills on Needless Alley, 49ers on Smallbrook Queensway, the Grapes on Hill Street and the West End Bar on Snow Hill.
the costermonger is "a traveling shopkeeper," whose
He described them as 'jolly big oysters, such as are eaten in England, not the puny ones offered us in Constantinople -- and in the moments of surprise we feel inclined to ask what costermonger has been throwing out his shells here?
Disguised as an Irish costermonger, the Cypriot gulls Princess Agripyne and her courtier-entourage, selling them the cursed "Tamasco apples" that he had picked in the (Irish) wilderness from Vice's tree:
By the time Flora was ten years old, her father had disappeared and her mother was listed as a costermonger in South Melbourne.
agreed, by the foresaid hearers and spectators, that they neither in themselves conceal, nor suffer by them to be concealed any state-decipherer, or politic picklock of the scene, so solemnly ridiculous as to search out who was meant by the gingerbread-woman, who by the hobby-horse man, who by the costermonger, nay, who by their wares; or that will pretend to affirm (on his own inspired ignorance) what Mirror of Magistrates is meant by the Justice, what great lady by the pig-woman, what concealed statesman by the seller of mousetraps, and so of the rest.
I want to mention some recent work that I value and use, without becoming a kind of academic costermonger cataloguing all the produce for sale in the shop.
Chartist costermonger told me," Mayhew recalled, "that he knew
One costermonger Mayhew interviews in one of the earliest parts of London Labour and the London Poor demonstrates that he and his fellows are well aware of the negative effect that Mayhew's revelations in the Morning Chronicle had upon the use of "slang," or false, weights and measures:
Teach a parrot swear words in such a way that it gets an idea of their significance (one of the great amusements of sailors returning form the tropics); on teasing it one will soon discover that it knows how to use swear words just as correctly as a Berlin costermonger.
6) Today's scholars resist such idealization, but are still prone to the temptations of "essentialism" or the acid test of a putative authenticity, preferring, for example, Gus Elen over Albert Chevalier, the sardonic over the sentimental, in the two performers' depictions of the costermonger in the 1890s.
Once a week the costermonger threw open the back doors of his high-sided green van to unleash the smell of cabbage leaves, fresh damp earth and citrus peel, and to reveal a welter of Pembrokeshire potatoes, muddy carrots, swedes, parsnips, and onions tied in bunches.
Their debut release, the double a-side For The Dead/Child's Body, released on the fledgling Costermonger label in May 1994, set out a distinct musical agenda.
It also includes the boyhood reminiscences of local historian Carl Chinn, who remembers visits - in the company of 'our Nan and our Kid' - to Hudson's Bookshop, the magical world of Barnbys toy and model shop and Father Christmas at Lewis's department store, as well astucking in to sausage, chips and beans at the Midland Counties Dairies Cafe, Later on, he says, he graduated to the Top Rank disco and drinks at the Hole in the Wall, the Costermonger and the Locarno.
His father, a heavy-drinking costermonger, died when he was three, leaving a total estate of a brown suit .