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a hawker of fruit and vegetables from a barrow

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the costermonger is "a traveling shopkeeper," whose
It also includes the boyhood reminiscences of local historian Carl Chinn, who remembers visits - in the company of 'our Nan and our Kid' - to Hudson's Bookshop, the magical world of Barnbys toy and model shop and Father Christmas at Lewis's department store, as well astucking in to sausage, chips and beans at the Midland Counties Dairies Cafe, Later on, he says, he graduated to the Top Rank disco and drinks at the Hole in the Wall, the Costermonger and the Locarno.
He described them as 'jolly big oysters, such as are eaten in England, not the puny ones offered us in Constantinople -- and in the moments of surprise we feel inclined to ask what costermonger has been throwing out his shells here?
By the time Flora was ten years old, her father had disappeared and her mother was listed as a costermonger in South Melbourne.
agreed, by the foresaid hearers and spectators, that they neither in themselves conceal, nor suffer by them to be concealed any state-decipherer, or politic picklock of the scene, so solemnly ridiculous as to search out who was meant by the gingerbread-woman, who by the hobby-horse man, who by the costermonger, nay, who by their wares; or that will pretend to affirm (on his own inspired ignorance) what Mirror of Magistrates is meant by the Justice, what great lady by the pig-woman, what concealed statesman by the seller of mousetraps, and so of the rest.
Chartist costermonger told me," Mayhew recalled, "that he knew
One costermonger Mayhew interviews in one of the earliest parts of London Labour and the London Poor demonstrates that he and his fellows are well aware of the negative effect that Mayhew's revelations in the Morning Chronicle had upon the use of "slang," or false, weights and measures:
Among the dozens of pubs to have closed down in the Birmingham area over the years is the Costermonger, a rock music venue in the city centre that shut for good in 2009 when the block was earmarked for redevelopment.
His father, a heavy-drinking costermonger, died when he was three, leaving a total estate of a brown suit .
The term costermonger applied to a person who sold fruit and veg in the street, and is synonomous with the barrow boys of London.
Here Be Monsters is set in a century far, far away where Watt (Liam Tobin) and his co-opted costermonger sidekick Robert Evans (Sean Kearney) are "gentlemen in space"
Aytoun's attack on Gilfillan appeared in his caricature of "Apollodorus" (a pen name assigned to Gilfillan by one of his editors, Thomas Aird), who is accompanied by a Smith-parody in the form of a costermonger named "Sancho.
The story is set mainly around Bill Snibson, a Lambeth costermonger, and his Cockney girlfriend, Sally Smith.
Several other convictions were proved against Alfred Thomas, a 30-year old costermonger, who had been sentenced in 1912 for unlawfully wounding a woman.
Bill Snibson, a Lambeth costermonger, is revealed to be the new Earl of Hareford and his newly-discovered aristocratic relations are horrified.