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(of the surface) having a rough, riblike texture


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having ribs

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This means that the costate variable that corresponds to nonassociated gas is the correct value to use in determining the domestic price of gas in Mexico only if there is sufficient production capacity in Mexico to bring the Houston and Mexican markets into equilibrium at the price implied by the costate variable or, trivially, that the Houston price happens to be the same as the value of the costate variable and Mexico is indifferent between buying gas in Houston and producing gas.
t] [greater than or equal to] 0 is the costate variable.
Suite UT-8295 represents a widely involute (overlap is more than one-half of the flank), more densely costate (20 to 24 ribs per whorl) species.
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The species of Leoniorthis have fascicostellate external ornamentation, but other mentioned orthids have costate and capillate ornamentation.
In a common formulation--used, for example, in Atkinson and Stiglitz (1976)--the relevant multiplier (the costate variable) turns out to be negative.
1](t) represent the costate variables for physical capital and human capital for agents in country 1, respectively.
Antigonambonites planus is a finely costate, biconvex to slightly convexoconcave, relatively large and thick-shelled polytoechiid brachiopod, without a functional pedicle (Popov et al.
This family, as revised here, includes brachiopod genera with a distinctive Spirifer-like shell, costate radial ornament with thin spines, and simple cardinalia.
The costate equation for the Hamiltonian is [differential]H/[differential]k = - [lambda].
Letting the costate variable [lambda] represent the shadow price of capital, the corresponding Hamiltonian for the government's welfare maximizing problem is
hj] are costate (adjoint) vectors and identify the shadow values of the hectares of forest and the regeneration input, respectively, in each age-group in year j.
in terms of control variables, state variables and costate variables.
where [rho] is the rate of time preference, [theta] is the elasticity of marginal utility, and [mu] is the costate variable (the value at time zero of an additional unit of capital at time t).