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(of the surface) having a rough, riblike texture


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having ribs

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Solution of the Lagrange functional satisfies the optimality system which consists of state equations, costate equations, and the optimality conditions.
This means that the costate variable that corresponds to nonassociated gas is the correct value to use in determining the domestic price of gas in Mexico only if there is sufficient production capacity in Mexico to bring the Houston and Mexican markets into equilibrium at the price implied by the costate variable or, trivially, that the Houston price happens to be the same as the value of the costate variable and Mexico is indifferent between buying gas in Houston and producing gas.
Noting that the derivative of the value function with respect to the state variable A is given by the costate variable [lambda].
All elytral intervals costate, even intervals at least in basal half 2 Odd elytral intervals costate, even intervals entirely flat 3 2.
In the absence of the features that permit their discrimination from similarly ornamented shells, "Paralenorthis" is used here for medium to strongly costate brachiopods, formerly referred to as Orthambonites.
sanburni (Binney, 1886) Native; E Oreohelix hammeri Fairbanks, 1984 Native; E Oreohelix haydeni hybrida (Hemphill, 1890) May not occur in ID Oreohelix haydeni hesperia Pilsbry, 1939 Native; E Oreohelix haydeni perplexa Pilsbry, 1939 Native; E Oreohelix hemphilli (Newcomb, 1869) May not occur in ID LAND SNAILS Oreohelix idahoensis baileyi (Bartsch, 1916) Seven Devils mountainsnail Oreohelix idahoensis idahoensis (Newcomb, 1866) costate mountainsnail Oreohelix intersum (Hemphill, 1890) deep slide mountainsnail Oreohellx jugalis (Hemphill, 1890) boulder pile mountainsnail Oreohelix n.
The first approach is based on the maximum principle of optimal control theory, involving Hamiltonian functions and costate variables.
In the function space, the gradient can be expressed in terms of the so-called costate [bar]u(x, t ; z) which is defined as the solution of the adjoint differential equation
t] [greater than or equal to] 0 is the costate variable.
t+1] as the discrete-time costate associated with the equation of motion and the [Lambda]s are the shadow prices on the demand constraints.
2] we obtain rent and the costate variables for the pollution stocks
Suite UT-8295 represents a widely involute (overlap is more than one-half of the flank), more densely costate (20 to 24 ribs per whorl) species.
As practical meanings of the tradeoff between the fuel consumption and battery depletion, the costate value plays a critical role in the control strategy of HEV.
The species of Leoniorthis have fascicostellate external ornamentation, but other mentioned orthids have costate and capillate ornamentation.