costal cartilage

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the cartilages that connect the sternum and the ends of the ribs

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References: 1Calvert, JW, Patel, AC, Daniel, RK Reconstructive Rhinoplasty: Operative Revision of Patients with Previous Autologous Costal Cartilage Grafts, Plast.
In the left side of the chest, the pericardium and the left lung were wounded, the knife passed through the fifth costal cartilage and was still in the wound when he was brought into hospital.
Cricoid and tracheal ring fractures resulting in symptomatic tracheal stenosis are complicated to treat, usually requiring resection and end-to-end anastomosis or anterior augmentation grafting using auricular or costal cartilage.
A computed tomography (CT) scan of the chest, performed without intravenous contrast due to renal insufficienry revealed an 8-cm lobulated soft tissue mass arising from the right third anterior rib and involving the costal cartilage (Figure 1).
J will even take a costal cartilage graft from the rib cage and mold it carefully into an auricular framework to serve as the underlying structure of the new ear.