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of or relating to or near a rib

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Developement of costal tourism circuit in spsr district of andhra pradesh under swadesh darshan scheme - developement of bv palem beach destination
Khosla and Parry (2) have presented a case of a costal osteochondroma causing pneumothorax.
KFAR ABIDA, Lebanon: On Lebanon's northern coast, yet another dispute over public costal land, development and environmental damage has emerged, this time in the village of Kfar Abida near Batroun.
Other costal defense tests, the US Navy's failure to conduct a nonstop flight to Hawaii, and the crash of the airship USS Shenandoah also greatly influenced the public's perception of airpower.
5 in sub costal group on VAS, which was managed adequately by analgesics.
Forewing fuscous grey; costal area ochreous, suffused with fulvous; a costal spot beyond middle, with an obscure obliquely curved fuscous band from the spot to inner margin; inner margin narrowly ochreous, termen obtuse.
The cause of these conditions is thought to be abnormal elongation of the costal cartilages.
The Russian delegation affirmed the importance of improving cooperation relations between Yemen and Russia in the fisheries sector since Yemen has a long costal line, noting that the Russian businessmen and investors are interested to invest in the fishery sector in Yemen.
Spokesman of the Health Ministry in Gaza Ashraf Qidrah said a total of 8256 Palestinians were also injured in the costal enclave since the start of the Israeli aggression.
IT is a treatment programme run by stammerers (stutterers) which involves the use of costal breathing (also known as diaphragmatic breathing) to control the condition.
According to the Met office, the Al Hajar mountains witnessed rainfall as the clouds moved to the costal areas of the Sultanate.
JUST a short letter to see if I can interest you in supporting us this year on the Wirral Costal Walk, on Sunday, May 11.
However, sedge phytoliths differ in some other respects from those of grasses; Mehra and Sharma (1965) reported that sedge phytoliths are located only over the veins (compared with both costal and intercostal zones in grasses) and possess different characteristic shapes compared with grass phytoliths.