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of or relating to or near a rib

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Other costal defense tests, the US Navy's failure to conduct a nonstop flight to Hawaii, and the crash of the airship USS Shenandoah also greatly influenced the public's perception of airpower.
distorta (Moore) but can be differentiated by the presence of a narrow costal fascia on the forewing, and the smaller androconial patch on the hindwing of the males.
RABAT (CyHAN)- Morocco has started construction of a new coal-fired power plant, the largest of the country when completed, in the costal city of Safi, local media reported on Thursday.
Spokesman of the Health Ministry in Gaza Ashraf Qidrah said a total of 8256 Palestinians were also injured in the costal enclave since the start of the Israeli aggression.
IT is a treatment programme run by stammerers (stutterers) which involves the use of costal breathing (also known as diaphragmatic breathing) to control the condition.
According to the Met office, the Al Hajar mountains witnessed rainfall as the clouds moved to the costal areas of the Sultanate.
JUST a short letter to see if I can interest you in supporting us this year on the Wirral Costal Walk, on Sunday, May 11.
However, sedge phytoliths differ in some other respects from those of grasses; Mehra and Sharma (1965) reported that sedge phytoliths are located only over the veins (compared with both costal and intercostal zones in grasses) and possess different characteristic shapes compared with grass phytoliths.
Faced with the threat of costal flooding in England, thousands of homes in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Kent are being evacuated across the east coast, as officials warn that more lives could be endangered.
Proceeding to couplets 24 to 26 based on males only, one can continue on the basis of the costal index or costal cilia being too short for the species of these couplets.
The storm's maximum sustained winds were 45 mph, the center added, and a tropical storm warning was in effect along a costal stretch from Tuxpan to Punta El Lagarto.
CARYS WYN BROADHEAD: The Anglesey costal path which has been designated as one of Wales areas of natural beauty so they could explore the unspoilt beauty and some of the greatest scenery in wales.
Director of Control Department of Municipality of North Hussain bin Ibrahim al Fadala said, "The provinces like Al Rekayat, Al Mafyar and Al Jassasiya, located close to Al Shamal's costal areas, are the oldest Arab settlements in Qatar.
Drydocks World, the leading shipyard in the Middle East for ship repair, conversion, new building and offshore construction, welcomed officers from the UAE Navy and Critical Infrastructure and Costal Protection Authority to discuss various aspects related to the company's business including education and training within the industry.