cost-plus contract

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a contract in which the contractor is paid his total cost plus a stated percentage of profit

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Our theory, that even in a cost-plus contract, defense contractors' firm value fluctuates indirectly with development cost changes through the government's quantity cutting response, presents a clear framework for building effective incentives to mitigate potential cost overruns.
The involved banks have already obtained approval from the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority to adopt the cost-plus contract in mortgage financing, thus allowing for Islamic banks to provide funding that is compliant with Islamic lending practices.
In a cost-plus contract, a contractor is paid for all of its allowed expenses to a set limit, plus additional payment to allow for a profit, as opposed to a fixed-price contract, which pays the contractor a negotiated amount regardless of the expenses it incurs.
Perhaps we should let a no-bid cost-plus contract to Halliburton to construct large additions to the country club federal prisons to accommodate a population explosion in the years ahead.
A federal government IT contractor working for the Department of Defense is awarded a cost-plus contract to install marine buoys after the release of environmental contaminants.
A cost-plus contract states that the customer will pay the contractor the cost of all labor and materials in addition to an agreed-upon percentage of profit.
The three-year, cost-plus contract, which commenced this week, will also involve providing a vending service for 290 McCann-Erickson staff.
But the only evidence he offers confirms my point: The first restricted-bid, cost-plus contract that Bechtel received was signed on April 17.
Under Halliburton's cost-plus contract, all of these wasteful expenditures were passed on to the taxpayer.
A cost-plus contract will be awarded in 2QFY04 following full and open competition.
R&D) protests the award of a cost-plus contract to Ferguson-Williams, Inc.
Another is the cost-plus contract, which requires a slightly different pricing mindset than a firm-fixed-price contract.
On the other hand, a cost-plus contract gives no incentive to undertake cost-reducing activities, since actual costs will always be refunded by the procurement agency.
When [Alpha] [is greater than] 1, the contract again becomes a sort of cost-plus contract.
At Fort Sill, Oklahoma, Northrop's cost in the first two years of a cost-plus contract exceeded its bid by $14.