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an index of the cost of all goods and services to a typical consumer

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The results of the cost-of-living index, which the R&D center of Kamu-Sen announces each month regularly, have revealed that inflation weighed down on Turkish civil servants and other spheres of the public a bit more," Koncuk said.
The gradual neglect that took place during the 1920s and early 1930s became painfully obvious on March 20, 1933--just 16 days after President Franklin Roosevelt took office--when Congress passed the Economy Act of 1933, requiring a 15-percent reduction in federal salaries, on the basis of a morethan-20-percent decrease in the BLS cost-of-living index.
2001, "Should Cost-of-Living Index Provide the Conceptual Framework for a Consumer Price Index?
The Bureau of Labor Statistics did not scrap the existing CPI when it decided to use the cost-of-living index as a benchmark.
Many such savings caps are not changing this year because the increase in the cost-of-living index fell below the statutory thresholds that otherwise would trigger their adjustment.
To examine changes over time, a cost-of-living index is needed, and Slesnick rejects the Consumer Price Index in favor of a social cost-of-living index (the ratio of the minimum expenditure needed to attain a given level of welfare at one set of prices to the minimum expenditure needed to attain the same level of welfare at a different set of prices).
Cost-of-living index information for selected cities is also included in the Salary Guide.
Under the April pact, Toone receives annual pay increases equal to the cost-of-living index.
Poverty lines for rural and metropolitan areas must be based on area-specific cost-of-living index.
But the important question should not be whether it is possible to construct a perfect index, but rather whether techniques are available for creating a monthly cost-of-living index that would represent an improvement over the CPI as currently constructed.
The Stigler Committee endorsed the view that, to serve most of its uses, a cost-of-living index (COLI) is needed.
That's because the commission's recommendations, which include ideas for creating a truer cost-of-living index, have significant budgetary implications.
Cost-of-living index theory was developed independently by English-language economists in the early 1930's.
Summary: The April cost-of-living index has risen 1.
For most limitations, the increase in the cost-of-living index met the statutory thresholds that trigger their adjustment.