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an allowance for changes in the consumer price index

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Effective January 2018, the Bahri employees working in the Kingdom will receive a monthly cost-of-living allowance over the next twelve months.
The enthusiasm for cost-of-living allowances is seen as part of a growing trend.
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah recently ordered a 15-percent increase in the basic salaries of Saudis working for the government as a cost-of-living allowance.
15-17, 1969, to demand cost-of-living allowance, as provided for in Section 17 of RA 4670.
Mike Saum, president of the local, Jim Geers, corporate director of industrial relations for Cooper, and Mike Delaney, industrial relations manager for the Findlay plant, in a joint statement following ratification of the pact, said the contract continues a cost-of-living allowance provision, provides for a general wage increase in each of the three years, and includes a one time, first year lump sum payment.
Manama: August 1st -- (BNA)-- Emanating from the principle of transparency and in order to assure citizens and inform them in detail regarding retroactive disbursement of cost-of-living allowance for the previous period, the Director of the Directorate of Social Assistance, Shaikha Ayesha bint Ali Khalifa, said that 12929 entitled families receive payment today (Thursday: August 1, 2013) via remittance into their respective bank accounts.
The perks granted to Senate employees that the COA said should have been subjected to taxes were food subsidy (P500 per month); transition allowance (P200 per month), hospitalization benefits, longevity incentive benefit, medical allowance (P300), clothing allowance, educational assistance (P35,000), midyear economic assistance (equal to one month pay), midyear rice allowance (P15,000), efficiency incentive benefits (equal to one-month pay), cost-of-living allowance (equal to 1 month pay), inflationary adjustment assistance (P12,200), financial relief assistance (P10,000), rice allowance (P15,000), grocery allowance (P8,000), additional food subsidy (P3,000), year-end package, and anniversary bonus.
7 million from its budget because of $800 million in midyear budget cuts in state education funding, less money from operational grants, and not enough state cost-of-living allowance to cover increased costs, officials said.
Fatima bint Mohammed Al-Beloushi, within the next two days and ultimately agree on criteria for cost-of-living allowance which the Government intends to implement on various segments.
The district was originally informed that the cost-of-living allowance would be 2.
As it has done every year since 1975, the Social Security Administration has approved an automatic cost-of-living allowance - this time it's 2.
Other important settlement terms included incorporation of the existing 43-cent-an-hour cost-of-living allowance into basic wage rates; hourly wage increases of 25 cents in 1989, and average increases of 25 cents per hour in 1990 and 50 cents per hour in 1991; and a 4-year contract, more in line with recent settlements in the industry, rather than the 3-year duration of previous agreements.
The government would insist on certain minimum benefits and a cost-of-living allowance, to protect benefits against inflation.
39, including an 85-cent-an-hour cost-of-living allowance and 88 cents resulting from a change in the lunch period.
25 percent) was not retroactive to the September 14 termination date of the prior agreement; 11 cents of the existing cost-of-living allowance was not rolled into base rates; 14 cents will be diverted from future cost-to-living adjustments for the contract duration; and increased company payments into a training fund and establishment of a legal services plan were deferred to 1987.