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5 million federal retirees depend on annual cost-of-living adjustments to help their modest pensions keep pace with inflation, while federal retirees under the newer Federal Employees Retirement System also count on the COLA increase for their Social Security checks.
The current formula used to calculate cost-of-living adjustments for Social Security beneficiaries does not take into account the purchasing habits of seniors.
At the same time, the Consumer Price Index, the government's main inflation barometer and the key indicator for the year's cost-of-living adjustment, shot up .
In 1995 the IRS privately ruled that IRA owners under age 59 1/2 could withdraw funds from the account with a built-in 3% annual cost-of-living adjustment as long as they had specified the COLA amount up front (PLR 199536031).
The contract also calls for continuation of the cost-of-living adjustment clause, which provides for quarterly allowances equal to 1 cent an hour for each 0.
An increase in cost-of-living adjustment funding from the state helped boost the district's revenues.
4% cost-of-living adjustment in benefits (COLA) for the year 2000.
A partial solution might be to index the $75,000 limit to a cost-of-living adjustment.
Arnold also claimed that the November 1993 distribution was a cost-of-living adjustment.
The district provided a manageable 3% cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) to employees in 1997-1998 (supported through sources of one-time monies from the state) and expects a 2.
The state cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA, is approaching 6 percent, which makes the salary proposal a dumbfounding one, board member David Tokofsky said.
The mayor says he's pro-labor, but he won't give us a cost-of-living adjustment," Aquino said.
Still, he hopes efficiencies and efforts to limit cost-of-living adjustment will avoid the ``catastrophic'' situation facing the city.
The federal cost-of-living adjustment would have increased the total to $836 this month.
The package also includes cost-of-living adjustment clauses, triggering at 6 percent, in years two and three, improved job security measures in the event of future layoffs, and other improvements in some fringe benefits.