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productive relative to the cost

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According to the IATA these are efficient air traffic management, environmental sustainability, cost-efficient airport infrastructure, internal cost control and commercial freedoms.
We want to be known and sought after as a competitive and cost-efficient security provider.
However, the 3-week course represents an important first step in providing a statewide, inexpensive, and cost-efficient management training program to Alabama law enforcement supervisors.
35ym High-Voltage CMOS, High-Voltage CMOS embedded Flash and SiGe-BiCMOS processes, austriamicrosystems offers a cost-efficient and fast prototyping service on its specialty processes to foundry customers.
Fundamental to the Marathon 8600 cost-efficient performance is its unique six-inlet design that enables PFC abatement of multiple process tools from a single unit.
DriverTech has created a solution that literally delivers the best of all worlds: the most cost-efficient message routing and satellite coverage.
UTStarcom enables its customers to rapidly deploy revenue-generating access services using their existing infrastructure, while providing a migration path to cost-efficient, end-to-end IP networks.
Dongbu Electronics reports that the new CIS process announced today delivers more than a finer 130nm line width and cost-efficient 3-layer aluminum interconnect structure.
This constitutes an important strategic shift as Crossroads continues to expand its product offerings to deliver logical data protection, a solution area that currently causes 39 percent of today's corporate downtime, but for which no fully-integrated, cost-efficient and highly reliable solution has been provided thus far.
Solarcom focuses on cost-efficient, cutting-edge solutions providing a comprehensive array of IT products, representing all major names and a select set of "best-of-breed" technology partners.
Telenor Satellite Services, a subsidiary of Telenor of Norway (Oslo Stock Exchange:TEL and NASDAQ:TELN), today announced that the company will add the new, cost-efficient Wideye(TM) SABRE(TM) 1 Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) satellite terminal and accessories to its portfolio of on demand communications technologies.
When paired with a cost-efficient business model, this top line benefit results in high returns on investment and lower total cost of ownership for customers," said Michael J.
Leading the way in cost-efficient transportation technology, LED's last up to 10,000 hours while demanding less power.
The product also provides the most cost-efficient way of passively monitoring RTP and RTCP packet flows in the network to ensure that service providers deliver the quality that customers demand.