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productive relative to the cost

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Librarians and teachers are familiar with the issues raised by the democratization of information distribution (Ojala, 1998; Kassler, 2001), but the effectiveness and the cost-efficiency of distributing information via the Internet has contributed to the shift to primary research.
Additionally, the Access Hub will enable MCI to increase network cost-efficiency and functionality by reducing the number of 3270 controllers required for engineers to access information while simultaneously extending functionality.
The company is said to have developed polymers that eliminate costly processing steps for higher yields and increased cost-efficiency.
Medical informatics, the lifeblood of cost-efficiency, has come to symbolize the demise of "quality.
New study reveals Nordic, Spanish and UK banks lead Europe in cost-efficiency, while their German and Portuguese peers lag behind
We believe physician performance assessment programs play a key role in improving health care quality and cost-efficiency," said Reed V.
ScinoPharm's proprietary process, circumventing the previous photo chemistry, leads to an enhanced efficiency in the synthesis of SN-38, and hence improves also the cost-efficiency of manufacturing irinotecan as a whole.
Implementing a performance contract is an excellent way to achieve our cost-efficiency goals because the energy-saving upgrades--which normally would be a huge drag on capital improvement budgets--are financed by the energy savings the upgrades are guaranteed to produce.
Even more important for cost-conscious organizations, these two systems are among the most affordable laser printers in their class, so they provide exceptional cost-efficiency.
This investment demonstrates the company's commitment to its global enterprise customer base - especially those with significant operations in the United States, who are demanding a globally consistent set of services with high levels of accuracy, cost-efficiency and automation wherever they do business.
Meeting safety, environmental and energy concerns, cost-efficiency and improving system control in motor applications;
With the addition of this highly, automated 40" sheet-fed press system, Solar expands its printing capabilities to offer greater customization of printing solutions that improve cost-efficiency of shorter runs, allowing increased versioning and personalization of marketing products.
Renata's primary responsibilities in the Concord, California sales office have been in the canned product segment where we are placing major emphasis on cost-efficiency," said Brian Nishida, President of Maui Pineapple Company.
The merger positions us to streamline our business and leverage opportunities for cost-efficiency, and at the same time, increase the service we can bring to our extensive base of customers," said Larry Kramer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the combined company.
The DN's port-density and cost-efficiency combine to make this next-generation platform more economical to deploy than maintaining the existing legacy solution.