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productive relative to the cost

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We are working with BEA to provide interoperable and scalable environments, fundamental for building an adaptive enterprise, that enable customers to easily and cost-effectively move to an integrated environment.
At the same time, it has become more difficult to cost-effectively compensate key executives.
AVANIR also favored the I-many CLM solution suite because it includes I-many Validata, the only off-the-shelf solution that cost-effectively combines the full range of data scrubbing capabilities pharmaceutical companies need to control rebate payments.
With the E320, Chongqing has built an agile, open and fully customizable network that will enable them to stay ahead of the changing telecommunications landscape by rapidly and cost-effectively introducing new services.
With Rainmaker's turn-key outsourcing model, IBM can leverage our existing investment in smart business processes, innovative technology and experienced professionals to cost-effectively increase their contract revenues and extend customer relationships.
Likewise, enterprises deploying their own private networks will be able to cost-effectively extend Ethernet to all of their locations with a consistent set of capabilities, services and management.
We are confident that IBM's customers will benefit from the area-efficient, low-power embedded non-volatile capabilities that NOVeA is able to cost-effectively deliver," said Pat Lasserre, director of marketing for Virage Logic's non-volatile memory products.
Enjoying extreme network availability cost-effectively is a top priority for all businesses today.
In telecommunications, the Company's mPhase TV+ System software platform cost-effectively and reliably delivers television and high-speed Internet access over telephone lines.
ExaGrid's turnkey disk-based backup system is the premier solution for mid-market and small enterprise companies looking to quickly and cost-effectively eliminate the hassles of tape backup while reducing their existing backup windows.
A major part of this approach is the belief that it's crucial for the operator to be able to cost-effectively get 'under the hood' of the IPTV platform to continually enhance the IPTV consumer experience - this is exactly what Latens and mPhase are enabling through the Latens secured mPhase TV+ System.
By using IP-based replication, we can cost-effectively prepare for and recover quickly from a disaster--a very real possibility for our Boca Raton, Florida office.
PETERSBURG, Russia -- mPhase Technologies, a pioneer developer of technology for delivering television over telephone networks, this week is demonstrating how telecommunications providers can now cost-effectively market TV programs as part of a switched Ethernet multi-service offer encompassing VoIP, high speed Internet data and streaming video.
Scalable's NERC CIP solutions provide electric utilities the comprehensive capabilities and services needed to cost-effectively achieve, demonstrate and maintain IT compliance with anticipated NERC CIP standards across Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and corporate networks.
For more than seven years, Centric Project has played a significant role in KSD's ability to repeatedly deliver new construction and renovation projects on time and under budget, as well as to cost-effectively manage existing facilities.