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productive relative to the cost

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The three main needs for SMB and data protection are to make sure the backups work and are reliably moved offsite, and that these operations are simple and cost-effective.
Agency Leaders are now requiring not only cost-effective training solutions, but rapid turnaround, and content that is more compelling than simple text-based learning.
There appear to be several exciting opportunities for cost-effective, low-risk, beneficial uses for solid waste, but additional work is required to gain their widespread acceptance.
Theoretically, a technology could be considered medically necessary on the basis of clinical data validating its effectiveness, but not cost-effective based on the high expense of achieving that benefit.
AUSTIN & FORT WORTH, Texas -- HelioVolt Corporation and Exeltech today announced a joint development agreement to commercialize turnkey systems for cost-effective, reliable solar energy generation.
But now, with the advent of lower cost Serial ATA (SATA) disk drives and the increased amount of intelligence and enhanced data services available in SATA storage solutions, IT administrators have a cost-effective alternative to protecting their data.
In response to this competition, managed care, particularly prepaid managed care, grew dramatically as a way to provide high-quality health care in a cost-effective way.
The adoption of 56nm process technology allows SanDisk to continue its leadership in providing cost-effective flash memory-based products.
The result is a highly cost-effective "all-in-one" solution that meets the full range of storage needs today--while enabling rapid scaling or reconfiguration to meet the needs of tomorrow.
Mark Osborne's endorsement of CRYPTOCard for making it easy to integrate one-time password authentication technology with legacy systems mirrors a recent Butler Group report that commended CRYPTOCard for making it simple and cost-effective to eliminate easily-hacked static passwords.
The result is a highly cost-effective, "all-in-one" solution that meets the full range of storage needs of today--while enabling rapid scaling or reconfiguration to meet the needs of tomorrow.
With ActiVia for Media built in, Amino STBs become the easiest and most cost-effective way to power digital signage in stores or branches.
Cost-Effective Voice, Data Capabilities Span Large, Diverse Geographic Area
New LX Provides a Compact, Cost-Effective Test Solution from the Production Floor to the Engineering Lab
18 Micron RF-CMOS Processes Enables Efficient, Cost-Effective Combination of RF-CMOS with Full Line of Available Process Options including High-Voltage and Non-Volatile Memory