cost-benefit analysis

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an analysis of the cost effectiveness of different alternatives in order to see whether the benefits outweigh the costs

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A number of significant groups now engage in methodological discussions of how cost-benefit analysis should be conducted, and participate effectively in the types of administrative proceedings that they would have eschewed decades earlier.
We hope it will galvanize states to embrace cost-benefit analysis in the spirit of better serving their communities and taxpayers.
Through this initiative, WSIPP began using cost-benefit analysis in an effort to determine which programs made economic sense for Washington and also lowered recidivism rates.
Food and Drug Administration or other alternative decision procedures, cost-benefit analysis best advances overall well-being.
Controversy over that concept may increase in the future, since one OMB goal has been to use CEA and cost-benefit analysis to develop tools called "league tables.
7) The way in which discounting skews cost-benefit analysis is perhaps best seen in the field of environmental regulation in general, and, more specifically, in efforts to improve air quality.
USDA researchers relied on work from other analysts on this topic, with the report citing several studies throughout the cost-benefit analysis.
Comments on either the draft guidelines for the conduct of regulatory analysis or the report on cost-benefit analysis can be faxed to 202/395-7245.
Holt and Donald Elliott provide a cost-benefit analysis framework for public libraries.
The British Olympic Association (BOA) have been buoyed by a cost-benefit analysis prepared by consultants, and by the success of the Commonwealth Games in Manchester.
If the new chairman directs the staff to use common sense, do cost-benefit analysis, and invoke the "unreasonable risk" test before recommending regulations, it will save consumers from potential harm.
The first is that I think people have this concept of dyslexic cost-benefit analysis because they have high discount rates.
Cost-benefit analysis of educational programs for general practitioners in Sweden on prevention and treatment of depression led to measurable net savings (after expenses) of $26 million.
The client was able to make an informed decision, based on a cost-benefit analysis.
Dolan said the information to do a cost-benefit analysis might not be available and the costs' of a tax agency reconciliation system would be higher than the costs to process electronically filed returns.
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