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average cost of basic necessities of life (as food and shelter and clothing)

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As a comparison of the cost of living for residents, the three UAE cities rank behind other major expat hotspots including Aberdeen (#15) and London (#18) in the UK, San Francisco (#19), New York (#20) and Washington (#24) in the US, Perth (#23), Adelaide (#32) and Sydney (#47) in Australia, Singapore (#53), Wellington (#54) and Auckland (#87) in New Zealand, Hong Kong (#123), Toronto, Canada (#132), Tokyo, Japan (#135) and Doha, Qatar (#205).
The statement revealed that the index of the cost of living for the month of January registered 131.
Bahrain ranks 33rd overall in terms of total cost of living, including rent and consumer goods and services, out of a total of 119 countries surveyed.
But when a topic such as the cost of living is being addressed -- which unites basically all Lebanese, regardless of sectarian affiliation, geographical location or party loyalty -- no one is interested.
As a result, the cost of living per household member will amount to BGN 570 in the winter months.
The Kingdom, by contrast, came third for inflation levels relative to the cost of living.
Nick Nice, Head of Global Operations at the Cost of Living Middle East team said, "The global and regional labour markets both have a key role in this recovery.
The Government s two year $5 million Cost of Living initiative is providing real and practical support to people who need it most.
What this service includes Ranking table of 131 cities -- Table ranking 131 cities around the world, based on their relative cost of living.
Abu Dhabi now ranks at 76, and Dubai at 94, underscoring the cities growing attractiveness for affordability and lower living costs, in the 2012 Worldwide Cost of Living Survey, produced by Mercer, a leading global HR consultancy.
Houses are also needed and a cut in the cost of living.
A new study has found that the UK is the worst place to live in Europe due to reasons including the high cost of living and quality of life.
CAPITAL cities in Eastern Europe take the top five places in a cheapest cost of living survey by Post Office Travel Money.
RETIRED people are having to find more than pounds 400 a year extra just to keep up with rises in the cost of living.
17 editorial in The Register-Guard stated that, "Senior citizens should be able to understand that if there's no increase in the cost of living, there should be no adjustment in benefits.