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an increase in cost

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In an industry where competitiveness is measured in pennies per pound, any significant production cost increases could cause U.
While it is always encouraging to see a decline in health care cost increases, we continue to be concerned about the overall cost of care for both employers and their employees," said Craig Dolezal, national health care practice leader at Hewitt Associates.
The Board of Supervisors is upset about the welfare reform-related cost increases of about $27 million.
It is predicted that Asian customers are likely to accept cost increase for wire rod.
The slowdown in benefit cost increases in 2003 didn't signal a cooling of the underlying cost trend; rather, it was the results of employer cost-cutting measures.
Absorbing cost increases cannot be sustained over the long-term unless a business is consistently getting more cost reductions than increases from its suppliers, or unless the firm's productivity constantly rises faster than the rate of cost increase.
employers managed to hold health care benefit cost increases to single digits last year, according to a new survey of nearly 2,400 employers released today.
The largest single category of Segment 1 construction cost increases -- 13 percent -- was due to changes in work scope not covered in the original contract.
More respondents think managed competition will slow cost increases than think it will succeed in providing universal access to healthcare.
If the rate increase is defeated, county public works would consult with the city and residents on possible options on handling the cost increases, he said.
While LP&L and SPS now compete with the same power supply portfolio, there still can be some timing delays between LP&L's cost increases (month-to-month) and when SPS receives Texas Public Utilities Commission approval to pass cost increases to its customers (every six months).
Hasan said drug cost increases continue to be a significant challenge and that programs to curb these increases won't help until next year.
However, the overall advantages of SCC over other calcium carbonates, such as reduced energy needs for running paper machines will, CalciTech believes, more than compensate these cost increases.
Results indicate that payers already using most of these controls -- either in-house or through a PBM -- experienced lower pharmacy cost increases, some as low as two percent, while other respondents reported increases as high as 35%.
Also, Fitch anticipates that, to the extent cost increases occur, base rate increases will be studied and enacted to achieve timely cost recovery.