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an increase in cost

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It is predicted that Asian customers are likely to accept cost increase for wire rod.
The methodology used by DOD to address congressional concerns--reevaluate its cost estimate, quantify the risk associated with achieving the 13 percent cost increase, and establish a range of possible cost increases--was reasonable for conducting such assessments.
The slowdown in benefit cost increases in 2003 didn't signal a cooling of the underlying cost trend; rather, it was the results of employer cost-cutting measures.
While it is always encouraging to see a decline in health care cost increases, we continue to be concerned about the overall cost of care for both employers and their employees," said Craig Dolezal, national health care practice leader at Hewitt Associates.
The Board of Supervisors is upset about the welfare reform-related cost increases of about $27 million.
DuPont Packaging Graphics continues to aggressively pursue manufacturing productivity improvements and cost reductions to offset these increases, and we will work with our customers during these unprecedented times as these cost increases move through the value chain," says Lisa DiGate, global business director, DuPont Packaging Graphics.
Unfortunately, some in the industry have been making a serious effort to decrease "Green Premium Costs" in an attempt to mitigate the recent construction cost increases.
The skilled-nursing facility was a $21million project plagued with three years of delays and cost increases before opening in 2001.
Hevesi estimated that energy cost increases will cost schools $200 million more this year than last.
Business just can't continue to absorb the health care cost increases," says Dave Romans, a senior consultant with Washington, D.
In looking ahead, Falk said, "It remains to be seen whether the 1998 cost increases represent merely a short-term adjustment as major managed care plans try to recoup some of their recent losses or the beginning of a new inflationary cycle in health care costs.
NASDAQ:JJSF) announced today that it will be increasing prices across many of its product lines in April because of continuing unprecedented commodity cost increases impacting its ingredients input costs.
The skilled-nursing facility was a $21 million project plagued with three years of delays and cost increases before opening in 2001.
GAO was asked to determine why costs increased, the extent to which the Corps analyzed and reported the potential cost increases to Congress in a timely manner, and whether the Corps correctly estimated economic benefits.