cost cutting

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the act of cutting costs

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that the Swiss bank is slashing its physical security headcount and operations, as well as paring back its internal security division, leading to a number of processes being redistributed as part of its overall cost cutting target.
When it comes to human resources, cost cutting measures for HR departments will not let up in the near future, according to the study.
One industry insider said yesterday it was likely the West Midlands was now the focus of JLR's cost cutting.
According to Nissan Korea President Greg Phillips as reported in Dow Jones Newswires, the cost cutting measures will be implemented in marketing, administrative costs and other areas.
To advocates of integrated cost reduction, such "siloing" is one of the major sins of cost cutting.
Nissan is proceeding with its cost cutting program faster than expected, with a 10% procurement cost cut likely to be realized in just one year.
Typical cost cutting focuses on head-chopping can blind executives to the strategic growth opportunities essential for future survival," says Spitzer.
This is a system put in by cost cutting efficiency experts who have never sampled the kinds of calls the National Library of Medicine receives.
R&D Cost Cutting: Managing cost containment and safeguarding productivity' is a new report published by Business Insights that provides in-depth analysis of the benefits and risks surrounding leading R&D cost cutting strategies.
Global Banking News-September 13, 2011--SocGen CEO discusses cost cutting with labour union(C)2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
Airlines worldwide have reportedly agreed to cost cutting measures in an attempt to save up to USD3bn annually.
Even though the worldwide work force has remained steady at about 120,000 employees through this year, there are pervasive jitters that further cost cutting will trigger widespread layoffs or the elimination of entire divisions, employees said this week.
Typical cost cutting focuses on head chopping but neglects business development and growth," said Quinn Spitzer, Kepner-Tregoe's president, citing results in which nearly 90 percent of executives surveyed set out to cut costs at least once within the last five years.
Equity analysts say raising premium rates will be of some help, but cost cutting will be necessary.
R&D cost cutting is expected to continue gaining pace through 2010, with reduced emphasis from 2011 to 2014.