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a policy of creating strategic alliances in order to check the expansion of a hostile power or ideology or to force it to negotiate peacefully

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(physics) a system designed to prevent the accidental release of radioactive material from a reactor

the act of containing

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Note: The North Carolina Nursing Home Polypharmacy Initiative is discussed in a recent report from the Center for Health Care Strategies: "Clinical Pharmacy Management Initiative: Integrating Quality Into Medicaid Cost Containment.
With cost containment the top priority, ATPCO has looked to Tivoli Storage Manager to help improve data availability and reduce the time and money required to backup and recover data.
The rapid growth of workers' compensation medical expenditures in the early 1990s led to growth in the number and variety of medical cost containment laws and regulations adopted between 1992 and 1997," said Richard Victor, executive director of the WCRI.
The study also shows that provider fee schedule remains the most popular cost containment strategy, with 42 jurisdictions using it.
Claim frequency, duration studies, and cost-savings reports help to identify the most effective means of cost containment.
The idea that auditing all types of disability claims is critical to disability cost containment was almost universally accepted.
In a broad sense, all institutional efforts to deliver services more efficiently can be understood as cost containment efforts, from changing to lower cost suppliers of linens or medications to streamlining billing procedures.
He was particularly critical of recent changes to Medicaid--including the drive toward cost containment in the name of managed care--which have done nothing to improve access to long-term care.
Health care cost containment efforts by health care services monitoring effort have been dissected and commented on through court decisions for several years.
Beta Users Report Millions of Dollars in Savings in 2006 With Industry's First Solutions Suite for One-Stop Cost Containment
Alfred Taricco, MD, FACS, coeditor, follows with an overview of the variety of cost containment measures in effect, including an assessment of PROs, managed care, peer review, and health care professionals other than physicians, some of whom are supplements to physicians.
What cost containment measures were imposed in 2006, and what further reforms are poised to threaten the pharmaceutical market?
The real solution," Anderson stated, "for long-term cost containment is good health.
Many European governments profess to be willing to reward innovative drugs, however this is largely a smokescreen as debt-ridden governmental payers increasingly prioritize cost containment