cost analysis

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breaking down the costs of some operation and reporting on each factor separately

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Although Pre-Milestone A cost analysis is a relatively unfamiliar concept in defense analysis, its application is increasingly being researched and leveraged by a team of Army analysts at the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Cost and Economics (ODASA-CE).
Many cost analysis organizations are at bare-bones staffing levels and there is a small pipeline for developing future talent.
Although cost analysis is essential to successful negotiation, the chapter is too brief to provide any real insight into the negotiation process itself.
In addition to accounting educators, students and manufacturers, most persons interested in cost analysis will find this material helpful.
We are pleased to announce the addition of Futures and Options Trading Cost Analysis to our suite of trading cost analysis products," said John A Halligan, President of GTA.
The purpose with this procurement is to find a trading cost analysis (TCA) system for the internal executions, which can evaluate our brokers~ execution and analyse if the trading strategies are as optimal as possible.
Cost Analysis -- Requirements for acquisition program cost estimates; estimating methodologies; learning curve; links to the Service cost analysis agencies.
Concepts, types of microforms, film processing, input/output equipment, and cost analysis are covered in such a way as to be a useful introduction for the novice and a detailed reference guide for the manager.
Erik Nasarenko, a spokesman for the district, said the commissioners were scheduled to receive the confidential cost analysis Monday afternoon, but it wasn't distributed to them until after their 2 p.
Finishing costs are often regarded as a necessary evil and given little consideration in cost analysis, even though they are usually among the five largest expense categories in an investment casting foundry.
com/research/37de2b4a/china_top_tier_com) has announced the addition of the "China Top Tier Company B Cell / Module Cost Analysis Report" report to their offering.
Commission members said the documents - a cost analysis of the school - are vital to their mission, to recommend whether to abandon the nation's most costly high school or finish building it atop a former oil field.
The 41-year-old Rothschild, a graduate of Rutgets University, began specializing in water cost analysis when he discovered that most developers and building owners had no idea what they were getting into due to the water metering issue.
com/research/a22701ef/china_top_tier_com) has announced the addition of the "China Top Tier Company A Polysilicon, Ingot / Wafer Cost Analysis Report" report to their offering.
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