cost analysis

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breaking down the costs of some operation and reporting on each factor separately

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Cost Analysis of High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamps against Incandescent Bulbs
Dundee Energy Limited Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Operations and Cost Analysis - Q3, 2014
Although Pre-Milestone A cost analysis is a relatively unfamiliar concept in defense analysis, its application is increasingly being researched and leveraged by a team of Army analysts at the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Cost and Economics (ODASA-CE).
Many cost analysis organizations are at bare-bones staffing levels and there is a small pipeline for developing future talent.
However, NASA needs to do a better job in preparing and documenting the cost analysis and methodologies used in its decision-making process so that it can further strengthen its basis for making future decisions.
Strategic cost analysis, one of the most important activities for purchasing professionals, also can be one of the most daunting.
The partnership will provide expanded services, such as risk survey and analysis, insurance cost analysis, modification analysis and claims advocacy and business continuation planning.
New cost analysis concepts such as value chain analysis and activity costing also are covered.
Our laboratory's on-line cost analysis system is now generating the right answers.
Global Trading Analytics, LLC (GTA), a leader in the trading cost analysis field, announces the launch of its new Futures and Options Trading Cost Analysis, available immediately.
Tenders are invited for Project will consist of: Base Bid: (two base bids will be evaluated utilizing a Life Cycle Cost Analysis, one for an asphalt surface (Base Bid "A") and one for a concrete surface (Base Bid "B").
China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Operations and Cost Analysis - Q1, 2013
InterOil Exploration & Production ASA Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Operations and Cost Analysis - Q4, 2012
5 Cost to Cure", The Bluebook Cost Guide", and the web based Appraiser Assisted Residential Cost Analysis (AARCA) software, InsureBASE", and feel that the quality of the products would benefit all NAIFA members.
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