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a specialist in the systematic recording and analysis of the costs incident to production

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The cost accountant also can provide adders to the labor costs for fringe benefits.
The third cost accountant provides cost accounting services for a joint venture and a subsidiary company located at the division.
Doris always worked very hard to support her family, retiring due to illness in 1990 from her position as a Cost Accountant for State Mutual Life Insurance.
Mr Joshi, a finance professional, is a management accountant from UK, a chartered and cost accountant from India and a bachelor of commerce and law.
Marc Grondahl was working as a cost accountant for a manufacturing firm in 1992 when he and his older brother launched Planet Fitness in Dover, N.
As a class, students now assume the role of cost accountant, described in Table 3, using the professor as their "scribe".
I am a cost accountant and my knowledge of car manufacturing tells me that the higher costs associated with lower right-hand drive volumes cannot justify a price difference of pounds 12,000.
Jose Arevalo, a 50-year-old cost accountant from Mission Hills, is sixth.
Swasti is a Chartered Accountant and a Cost Accountant.
Prior to being a cost accountant in 2001, Mohanty had a rich experience of holding key portfolios in the corporate sector for more than 23 years.
He worked at the Whitin Machine Works in Whitinsville as a cost accountant prior to becoming the town accountant for the Town of Northbridge in 1965, a position he held until retiring in 1983.
Weideman joined Dow in 1976 as a cost accountant in Midland, Michigan, and held a variety of accounting and controller roles for different Dow businesses before being appointed controller of Texas operations for the Company in 1994.
10, the Daily News will kick off its fourth stock-picking contest, pitting investment pros against a credit specialist, a Rocketdyne toolmaker, a cost accountant and the president of a legal search firm.
Lawrence, 40, joined Winland Electronics in August 2004, as its Senior Cost Accountant and has served as Controller since April 2005.
I obtained my MBA degree, specializing in finance, in 1998 from Bharathiar University in India and became a cost accountant at Ali Alghanim & Sons Trading & Contracting Group in Kuwait.
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