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a specialist in the systematic recording and analysis of the costs incident to production

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The cost accountant also can provide adders to the labor costs for fringe benefits.
Certainly there is no question of secondary status for men soundly trained in accounting, costs and budget principles, whether they be called cost accountant or industrial accountant [Editorial, 1956].
Michael Brent took over the business in 1999 after leaving his position as cost accountant and production analyst at Tyson.
If possible, a major manager would have only one cost accountant responsible for all local accounting duties for his or her area.
In parliament yesterday, SNP leader Alex Salmond blasted: "Given the First Minister should accept that this project has proceeded with his choice of site, his choice of architect and his choice of cost accountant, does he accept his personal responsibility for the state we are in and not shuffle it off onto the corporate body?
Carter began as a junior cost accountant and worked his way up to become one of the first financial vice presidents in the semiconductor industry.
Richards began his career as an auditor with Price Waterhouse and later served as an auditor, financial analyst, controller and cost accountant for Martin Marietta, Digital Equipment, United Technologies and Apple, respectively.
Doris always worked very hard to support her family, retiring due to illness in 1990 from her position as a Cost Accountant for State Mutual Life Insurance.
MUMBAI -- Arpita Majumdar, a cost accountant in her mid-40s working in an infrastructure firm, is wary of using a credit card or other electronic payment systems.
Joshi, a finance professional, is a management accountant from UK, a chartered and cost accountant from India and a bachelor of commerce and law.
I obtained my MBA degree, specializing in finance, in 1998 from Bharathiar University in India and became a cost accountant at Ali Alghanim & Sons Trading & Contracting Group in Kuwait.
Jose Arevalo, a 50-year-old cost accountant from Mission Hills, is sixth.
Lawrence, 40, joined Winland Electronics in August 2004, as its Senior Cost Accountant and has served as Controller since April 2005.
Prior to being a cost accountant in 2001, Mohanty had a rich experience of holding key portfolios in the corporate sector for more than 23 years.
Nelson retired from Wyman-Gordon Company where he was Chief Cost Accountant.
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