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Synonyms for cosset



Synonyms for cosset

to treat with indulgence and often overtender care

Synonyms for cosset

treat with excessive indulgence

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She does not view the family as ideologically cosseted, sealed off from contact with the larger network of social institutions and ideology swirling around it.
Secure behind a steel door, the embattled homeowners call for help, nerves cosseted by bullet-resistant walls.
Novelist whose postmodernist works portray the anomie of an America cosseted by material excess and stupefied by empty mass culture and politics.
The period when many vehicle interiors were plain dull and contained the minimum of 'home comforts' has given way to one where consumers expect to be cosseted in a high degree of comfort and with access to a variety of functions aimed at minimising hassle and maximising satisfaction.
It is sobering to think that while many people in Britain have become very ill, or have even died, for lack of "expensive" treatment, the cosseted Royals, such as the catastrophically pointless Prince Andrew, will squander thousands.
Bracing dips in the Irish Sea before kippers for breakfast are the ideal way for today's cosseted stars to warm up for the rigours of a tough English league season.
Often we sow seeds indoors and move them outside as soon as they're ready, often to find the warm and cosseted seedlings don't cope very well because of the change in temperature.
PERHAPS DVD of Newcastle would prefer it if the Chronicle stopped publishing letters from republicans simply because the royalists don't want to know about the downside of a cosseted, antiquated relic of an outdated bunch of parasites.
33 and Kelly's booking looks significant for Cosseted in the mile handicap (4.
None of the cosseted life imprisonment nonsense dished out by the International Criminal Court in The Hague.
Listening to Sexsmith, one of pop music's most under-rated singersongwriters, is like being cosseted in a warm blanket.
I still go to the matches as I have a season ticket and there are 10 other players I like to see and support, I do go up hoping he will not be playing and that one of the more deserving players such as Eastwood or Jutkiewicz will get a game, but that is a forlorn hope, as a player so cosseted by the manager that he is "given" a goal to boost his ego is always to be the first name on the team sheet.
Also, innovative of them to elect someone who hasn't been cosseted with a private school/Oxbridge education, and in addition someone with real working class origins - his dad was a Marxist thinker.
The coalition slogan of "we're all in it together" falls short of the mark when you consider that everyone of them is a millionaire and they have cosseted themselves even further on the Westminister gravy train.