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Synonyms for cosset



Synonyms for cosset

to treat with indulgence and often overtender care

Synonyms for cosset

treat with excessive indulgence

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We are changing the industry by putting the customer first--at the heart of everyday business decisions," noted Yael Cosset, CEO, KSS Retail.
By 1870 it had become the verb we now use, meaning to treat with indulgence, to cosset, overindulge, pamper and spoil.
It's been designed to be a serious, V8-powered off-roader that's adaptable, durable and functional yet to cosset its passengers whatever the terrain.
COSSET your curls Zen style with Hanan Kattan's collection of products linked to an age-old system from Tibet.
For that you'll get a car that will cocoon and cosset you, is disarmingly swift (60 comes up in a spirited 6.
Tesco Finest Hand & Feet Pamper Gift, pounds 10 Cosset your extremities with creams, a buffer and a massager
Some folk cosset their cars as though they were children.
Whichever bodystyle you choose - Coupe or open-topped Roadster - you'll get a car that cossets its occupants with a sumptuous cabin and a raft of advanced technology features.
Arguably the biggest change to the underlying vehicle that has transformed it into a Saab is based on the work done by the chassis engineers who transformed the ride and handling of the vehicle, changing it from the type of SUV that cossets the occupants and wallows in the corners.
Buddhists think of being as threaded with nonbeing; the infinite spills into the spaces between our thoughts; death cossets our dreams.
MUSCULAR STANCE: the Grand Cherokee has lots of presence; LUXURY MACHINE: the cosy Jeep Cherokee cossets its passengers but with plenty of space