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(in India) a unit of length having different values in different localities


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En esa ciudad, El Coss fue policia ministerial (Proceso 1768).
Coss, McCormick Partners will work with ACD Systems to create a world-class sales team to invigorate sales of the company's products, including ACDSee 8 Photo Manager, ACDSee Pro Photo Manager and Canvas X.
Schalkwijk, Stams, Stegge, Dekker, and Peen (2016) have used the CoSS in research on the functioning of the conscience in juvenile delinquents.
Coss said the LANL plan leaves nuclear waste buried in pits and trenches at the Laboratory's (TA)-54, Area G.
Despues Cardenas Vela y El Pelon --entonces libre--investigaron el asesinato de Samuel Flores Borrego, El Metro-3 (cabeza de Los Metros--uno de los subgrupos del cartel--y quien aspiraba a dirigir el CDG), ocurrido el 2 de septiembre de 2011 y tambien atribuido al Coss.
Coss shows that only a quarter of the men opted for the optional 7-year term for soldiers after 1808, but there is no discussion of the ramifications of the inevitable drawdown to which the British Army had become accustomed.
The detention of El Coss is one of the greatest coups for the Mexican authorities since President Felipe Calderon launched a war on drug cartels in 2006.
Elison, Lennon, & Pulos, 2006) argue that the CoSS subscales can be ordered by the degree to which they involve consciousness and internalization of shame.
Ellen Coss in 1999 Tom said the family have had to brace themselves for bad news in the past after a body was washed up at Eastbourne in 2002.
The company said the electric arc furnace with the COSS system was developed by Fuchs Technology of Germany.
Investigators began COSS in 2003 but terminated it in June 2010 when it became obvious that surgery would confer no additional benefit over medical therapy.
Parcelforce Worldwide has launched a suite of cosS t-effective international services designed to assist growing businesses as they move into overseas markets.
Ellen Coss Brown hasn't been seen since she went to catch the ferry to Ireland in Holyhead in 1999 leaving her devastated son Peter behind.
A local potter then discussed the history of Native American pottery, and, following a proclamation by Mayor David Coss, members of the community were invited to help the artist weave the final strands of the olla.