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One of RefugeeOne's clients will share how the agency and First Congregational Church of Elgin, through a cosponsorship program, helped him and his family begin their life in this foreign land.
A cosponsorship experience for refugees usually leads to learning English more quickly, earlier employment and deeper integration in the community.
Renee Ellmers, a tea partier, said the vote's timing so early in the new Congress would alienate millennial, and she withdrew her cosponsorship of the bill.
Comparing Cosponsorship and Roll-Call Ideal Points.
Attendees learned about pending legislation and lobbied their legislators in Congress for their cosponsorship of four bills.
Now is the opportunity for us to educate or elected representatives on the need for this producer licensing reform and ask for their cosponsorship and vote to approve the NARAB II bills.
To support this act, email your senator or representative asking for his or her cosponsorship.
Breitbart denounced groups that objected to GOProud's cosponsorship of the Conservative Political Action Conference in 2011, and he provided one of the conference highlights by throwing a GOProud party headlined by bisexual singer Sophie B.
Alternatively, find your two Senators' name on an Internet search engine, go to their website, and use the "Contact" link, typically on their main page, to send an email urging cosponsorship of the bill.
Cosponsorship would allow IAAOC members to partake in relevant conferences on addictions and offender issues needed for maintenance of licensure or certification and best practices in general.
California Pan-Ethnic Health Network sponsored SB 853, the Health Care Language Assistance Act, in 2003, with cosponsorship from the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund and the Western Center on Law and Poverty.
These include presidential and congressional approval levels, election-cycle variables, bill cosponsorship, and a variable indicating whether the particular bill originated in the Senate or House.
She said: "We made it clear at the meeting with Lord Adonis that we could only work with those sponsors who we felt shared our vision and understanding of cosponsorship, and Lord Adonis accepted this.
Similarly, in September, ONS North Carolina State Health Policy Liaison Jan Eyer met with Representative Brad Miller (D-NC) to urge his support of boosting funding for federal nursing workforce programs (a request to which he was very responsive) and thank him for his cosponsorship of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act.
Already, the Oregon Democrat has won endorsements and cosponsorship of his bill (SB 334) from Republican Sens.