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For the second consecutive year, AMT participated as cosponsor of the annual Legislative Symposium and Legislative Day ("Leg Day") on Capitol Hill for members of the clinical laboratory professions.
The survey comes as more lawmakers from both sides of the aisle sign on to cosponsor H.
ONS members need to contact their elected officials in the House of Representatives and ask that they cosponsor H.
HELO will cosponsor the Leadership Training Institute with the Asian Pacific American Municipal Officials (APAMO), "Managing Communications Style Differences," on Tuesday, December 5, from 1:30 p.
Tell your Members of Congress to make meaningful lobbying reform and to support and cosponsor H.
The Smithsonian Institution has dropped its plan to cosponsor the showing of a film promoting neo-creationist "intelligent design" (ID) ideas.
The Appraisal Institute is leading efforts to support passage of the legislation by issuing two alerts to all members asking that they contact their members of Congress to encourage that they cosponsor the bill.
He was an original cosponsor of the Ryan White Act in 1990 to fund treatment and support services for individuals and families with HIV or AIDS, then cosponsored legislation to renew funding for the law in 1995 and 2000.
It has a new editor It has a new cosponsor It has new content features.
Money magazine will cosponsor the event, as it did in 2002.
Since July 2, 1986, the effective date of the Tax Reform Act of 1986, NPO employers--those tax exempt under IRC section 501(c)--have not been able to sponsor or cosponsor 401(k) plans.
DAV members can take one step further toward real justice for veterans by urging their members of the House to cosponsor and support H.
4420," then on "Show Cosponsor Information," to see if your representative in the U.
According to the bill's principal cosponsor, Congresswoman Anna G.
For the first time this year, AMT participated as a cosponsor of the annual Legislative Symposium and "LegDay" on Capitol Hill along with several lab organizations that are long-time sponsors of the event.