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Synonyms for cosmos

Synonyms for cosmos

the totality of all existing things

Synonyms for cosmos

any of various mostly Mexican herbs of the genus Cosmos having radiate heads of variously colored flowers and pinnate leaves


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He ensured Cosmos Health Services of PBIT's continued support going forward.
Cosmos Health Services (CHS) is Pakistan's first premium hospital network that provides personalised healthcare with five-star amenities.
Cosmos introduced three new flavors of organic puffed corn: peanut butter, chocolate espresso, and maple pecan.
The link was fashioned by team manager Paul Cottier who followed the Cosmos when younger.
During the function, Sono gave a speech concerning the displacemnt of Cosmos from Makhulong Stadium in Tembisa, Gauteng, to Fezile Dabi Sport Complex in Tumahole, Free State.
Emirates has laid on an unforgettable double-bill for invited guests and the media - first, the New York Cosmos press conference and then this unique session with Pele personally sharing some of the moments that have defined his glittering career," Sheikh Majid said.
Based on the terms of the transaction, Cosmos bank's shareholder will receive 0.
Cosmos 60AZ and Cosmos FirstScope telescopes - Budding astronomers can tour the solar system with the beginner-friendly Cosmos 60AZ and Cosmos FirstScope telescopes, both longtime Celestron favorites that have been updated and upgraded for this exclusive partnership.
This is a big day for the future of the New York Cosmos," Pele said.
NBAD has been appointed by Cosmos as the Financial Advisor and Lead Arranger to raise funds for the development of this project, the bank announced in a press release.
Cosmos helps consumers easily address these common issues, and other important functions that may be avoided such as local data back-up or recovery of data and files.
On July 13 1977, legendary Brazilian footballer Carlos Alberto Torres arrived in New York to play for The New York Cosmos and reunite with his Brazilian teammate, Pel.
But, yes, there was a brief moment that New York's Cosmos - the team that brought Brazil's Pele to the States and later signed international stars like Giorgio Chinaglia and Franz Beckenbauer - sparked an interest in soccer, which swelled the youth league ranks and eventually created the voter demographic known as the ``soccer mom.
To understand the cosmos in this manner is to understand the inherent relationships between the Creator and the cosmos, on the one hand, and between the cosmos and humanity, on the other.
That's the startling situation that astronomers have stumbled upon as they've looked deep into space and thus back to a time when newborn galaxies filled the cosmos.