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a sophisticated person who has travelled in many countries

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In short, Caney's cosmopolitism does not demand full compensation for the damages caused throughout history, but instead suggest a way to share the burden within the system of distributive justice.
The people of Macedonia have thus confirmed and promoted their cosmopolitism, tolerance and respect for the other.
They do not issue fatwas, but address the spiritual and psychological needs of those groping to forge a meaningful identity anchored in a new scriptural cosmopolitism.
Yubraj Aryal interviewed Kwame Anthony Appiah on Cosmopolitism and Issues of Ethical Identity.
Humanism has been referred to as an international community and the ideology behind cosmopolitism.
Cosmopolitism and the Resistance to Capitalism," Ethical Perspectives 13 (2006) 647-72; Applied Ethics" in a Worm Church chaps.
During the "national campaign against cosmopolitism and servility," it would have been impossible for a 35-year-old professor, say from the University of Sverdlovsk, whose last name was Friedman to attend an international meeting in Switzerland to discuss the present and future of classical liberalism.