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a sophisticated person who has travelled in many countries

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Why," said I, bewildered, "that man is a citizen of the world--a cosmopolite.
In the 12-minute film trailer posted on the Times website, Ophuls says of his father: "He thought the Jews' destiny in the 20th century was to be cosmopolites.
for Cosmopolites sordidus Germar, the angle of inclination of the last abdominal sternite and distribution of pubescence over the frons are taken into account (Longoria 1968).
The revelation that they were not the world's geographic, population, or cultural center destroyed their self-significant status: "Once they recognized their marginality, they were no longer cosmopolites.
Comme dans certains pays cosmopolites, les chretiens celebrent en Egypte les fetes musulmanes et vice versa.
L'heure marocaine etait celle de l'amitie, de la convivialite et des rejouissances de l'ensemble des communautes cosmopolites presentes.
Chapter Two seeks to analyze McKay's Banjo or a Story without a Plot, through an examination of the protagonist Banjo, to see how his migrant or vagabond characters live as cosmopolites in Marseilles' metissage inclined port city.
La recherche urbaine se centre generalement sur l'etude des grandes villes, negligeant du coup de s'interesser aux villes plus petites qui, bien que moins diversifiees et cosmopolites, offrent des exemples de dynamiques sociales et economiques particulleres et dignes d'interet Dans ce contexte, cet ouvrage sur les villes du Quebec annonce plus qu'il ne livre.
Cosmographers and even armchair travelers might be cosmopolites if their worldly interests led them to explore in maps and books the customs of alien peoples and the contours of a globe that stretched far beyond the English Channel.
Concomitantly, therefore, the identities of international educators become reconstituted into academic cosmopolites.
We should make an effort to understand one another, rather in the way the late Jacques Derrida rallied writers in his book Cosmopolites de tous les pays, encore un effort
They are self-avowed cosmopolites proud of their piccola Parigi dell' Abruzzo ("little Paris of the Abruzzo"), and they keep up with the times.
See also Jacques Derrida, Cosmopolites de tous les pays, encore un effort
As evolution of the octoroon heroine in earlier black women's novels, Johnson's cosmopolites respond to changing dominant discourses of nation and citizenship.
Recently I attended one of those legendary Washington dinner parties, attended by British cosmopolites and Americans in the know.