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a sophisticated person who has travelled in many countries

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Sociologie d'un monde cosmopolite, es preciso reconocer la originalidad del objeto de estudio y de la reflexion desarrollada en torno a un paradigma insuficientemente conocido, y el perfecto dominio de que hace gala el autor, tanto de la produccion sociologica clasica y contemporanea como de la literatura en ciencias sociales y humanas, concretamente en antropologia y filosofia.
Nous mobilisons alors le concept d'amateur cosmopolite (CICCHELLI; OCTOBRE; RIEGEL, 2016) pour saisir ce travail reflexif et interpretatif de construction d'un rapport au monde medie par les consommations et les imaginaires des media-cultures.
The celebration was designed by director Dejan Projkovski, who stressed that the cosmopolite spirit of Macedonians was his guide.
Fourteen night self-catering holidays at the three diamond-rated Cosmopolite Apartments in the resort of Malia on Crete departing Manchester on August 23 are pounds 299 per person, even less than the seven-night price.
For instance a fortnight at the Cosmopolite Apartments in Malia on Crete costs just pounds 299pp, departing Manchester on August 23.
Dans les paragraphes qui suivent, il sera question de demontrer comment la perspective cosmopolite bahai, telle qu'analysee et demontree a travers le discours et les pratiques religieuses des membres, permet l'elaboration de strategies (3) cosmopolites concretes dans lesquelles les individus peuvent s'engager.
In Talvet's poetry, the world wanderings of an erudite, a philosopher, and a cosmopolite become closely intertwined with the warmly intimate and humane: the little hand of his daughter, the echo of the voices of his father and his mother, his native home or a tree branch from his childhood.
Or il semble qu'une telle attitude, loin de relever d'un simple refus de la difference, procede en realite d'une confusion theorique importante et dangereuse qui distingue ou oppose multiculturalisme cosmopolite et multiculturalisme pluraliste.
In this paper, academic cosmopolite identity denotes the personality that evolves as the resulting product of psycho-social forces to which the immigrant academic worker is subjected.
The book's protagonist, Luther Green, is an icy cosmopolite with strong connections to his family and the inner-city neighborhood of his adolescence.
Johnson imagines the cosmopolite of mixed race heritage as an ideal metaphor for pluralism and cultural syncretism, and she uses the trope of miscegenation more frequently still to critique racial violence and the impending disaster of a purified Anglo-American identity achieved through the lynching epidemic and racial terrorism.
La Havane est devenue un centre du tourisme americain, non seulement pour sa position geographique, mais aussi pour son developpement urbain, pour la croissance economique rapide et la richesse de Cuba, le caractere cosmopolite du pays, ainsi que la vitalite des courants migratoires internationaux et le developpement des communications entre Pile et les Etats-Unis.
Saul Steinberg and Raymond Pettibon might seem to come from separate planets--the one the emigre cosmopolite whose drawings for the New Yorker amused and fascinated sophisticates for nearly sixty years, the other the expert in LA grunge, master of the iconology of Charles Manson, an artist grounded in comic books and punk.
Reach out of locale peers into "more cosmopolite social relationships.