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Synonyms for cosmopolitan

Synonyms for cosmopolitan

so pervasive and all-inclusive as to exist in or affect the whole world

experienced in the ways of the world; lacking natural simplicity

Synonyms for cosmopolitan

a sophisticated person who has travelled in many countries

growing or occurring in many parts of the world

composed of people from or at home in many parts of the world


of worldwide scope or applicability

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The ASP cosmopolitanizing agenda calls for the participants to have experiences that are naturally part of growing up in a more affluent social milieu and that help young people develop sophistication about how the world works and nurtures their interests in and readiness to learn.
Apart from the problematic dichotomization of old and new media and the tendency to frame digitality as de facto cosmopolitanizing machinery, Internet studies during that period was marked by an equally problematic juxtaposition of "the real" and "the mediated," or the "online" and the "offline" (see van Zoonen, 2011 for further discussion), as well as a clearly discernible cultural centrism.