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74) Given these similarities and those of venue (private homes), activity (divination) and participation (including local dignitaries), there would appear to be some doubt as to how Seberina was regarded by her local community: as a woman possessed by a demonic familiar within a Christian cosmology of God and the Devil, as an officiating celebrant within a tradition of customary beliefs with its origins in the pre-Hispanic period, or as something of both.
Instead, our firmament is stable and geometrically normal: 'smooth,' in the argot of cosmology postdocs.
By resolving structure into function and reducing function to information flows, the new cosmology all but eliminates the idea of species integrity.
What is cosmology, and why should Catholics care about it?
While theological questions are examined explicitly in the book's final sections, the deeper matter of the nature of God silently pervades even the previous discussions of mathematics and cosmology.
At present there are two major competing cosmologies that theoretically describe the real observed universe, the big-bang cosmology [2] and the quasi-steady-state cosmology [3], the big-bang cosmology being considered by most cosmologists as the major one of the two.
Part history, part detective story, and even part travelogue, this is astronomy journalist Kanipe's attempt to explain cosmology to the average reader.
4m Cosmology Machine, which is capable of making 10 billion calculations a second.
Having previously written two books on using MATLAB for physics generally, here Green focuses specifically on cosmology, showing how the software can deal with the accuracy of current data and the Standard Model of the cosmos that successfully describes the Universe in terms of only six fundamental parameters, and is now widely accepted.
Kyle Greenwood's Scripture and Cosmology helpfully introduces nonspecialists to biblical cosmology in the context of the ancient world and shows how Christians in the medieval and early modern periods who were committed to biblical authority had to adapt their interpretation of scripture in the light of what they were learning from science.
Second, through a comparative case study--juxtaposing our findings from the Haiti earthquake of 2010 with Weick's (1993) findings from the Mann Gulch forest fire of 1949--we elaborate on 5 resilience processes that collectively constitute the anatomy of a cosmology episode: anticipating, sense-losing, improvising, sense-remaking, and renewing (or declining).
The current focus of cosmology is to understand some of the fundamental problems in physics such as: the accelerated expansion of the universe, the nature of dark energy and dark matter and the initial conditions of large scale structure.
Thomas Berry was renowned for his staunch resistance to the traditional stewardship paradigm, the cosmology of which generated a strong anthropocentrism and an accompanying ethic that Berry was convinced was bringing ruin to planet Earth and ushering in an age of death and destruction.
Comparing the ancient Israelite cosmology of Genesis with the ancient Babylonian cosmology of the Enuma Elish and with the modern Darwinian cosmology of Thomas Hobbes's "Leviathan", Professor Greenway shows how Genesis extends far beyond those cosmologies in its discernment of the transcending, gracious love of God.
Method, Structure, and Development in al-Farabi's Cosmology.