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9) The concept of reciprocity represents the maintenance of human purpose within economic actions as manifested cosmologically (human-environment), ontologically (man-himself) and axiological (human-human).
Her basic approach is to analyse each element in the decoration and to see whether it can be interpreted cosmologically or in terms of mortuary provision, either in its content -- for example possible grave goods are shown being manufactured and are suggested to signify the preparation of the entire tomb (pp.
Povinelli then concludes by arguing that the significance and function of Belyuen labour-action must be understood not only as economically but cosmologically and socially productive.
Inalienable possessions, while used in the creation of mundane political power through such things as retention or loss in warfare, are cosmologically authenticated through their relation to gods or ancestors and their power for life.
As Sahlins has repeatedly observed, the Hawaiians assumed their subsistence and power to be wrested from the gods, who are pragmatically and cosmologically immanent in the world around them, by exceptional courage, ruse, skills and force.
For Weiner, KWG is 'the central issue of social life', such that Fort Knox and its gold reserves could be viewed as a 'sacred' site, a repository of state power cosmologically validated by inalienable possessions, in which Western -- or at least American -- cultural reproduction, through the creation of difference and hierarchy, takes place.
This means that light from a cosmologically distant quasar will be deflected, or gravitationally lensed, by the intervening galaxy along the line of sight before arriving at an observer on the Earth," said Chen of the phenomenon of gravitational lensing, which was predicted by Einstein in 1936.
The disparity in this temporal sequence of events is, needless to say, cosmologically significant since it implies that a sub-Planckian era preceded the Planck era in the nascent universe, which should be discernible from its gravitational signature.
By this logic, certain places are viewed (from an emic perspective attempting to understand local viewpoints) as uniquely powerful or cosmologically significant--"home to powerful supernatural beings or, more generally .
Much as in the Native American cultures of the Southwest US, both East Indian and American Indian philosophies are cosmologically centred--articulating a belief that all things are interrelated, a striking contrast to modern ideology that espouses the harnessing and subjugation of nature.
The androgynous symbolism reflects the following simplicity of essentialism: the perfection to be found in the Divine's oneness or completeness was differentiated cosmologically in the Sep Tepy (big bang) and ontogenetically thereabout conception (Azibo, 2011d; Erny, 7376).
But so long as we are experientially constrained state-specifically to our present cosmologically dissociated condition, we can only know through the lens of a Hegel three perspective where all is materialistically experienced as different than, and distanced and separate from, our consciousness experiencing it.
We have not observed life anywhere but on earth," he says, "but no natural fact is cosmologically more significant.
Cosmologically, what she uncovered was rather astonishing.
However, it was not a sin that Jesus' consciousness had not evolved beyond the first-century cosmologically grounded belief in a God defmed by a "science" that believed the earth was flat and that heaven was a place ("up there") opposite another place called hell ("down there").