cosmological constant

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an arbitrary constant in the equations of general relativity theory

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Reiss says his team was stunned to find that the cosmos was expanding 10 to 15 percent more slowly in the past than can be accounted for without a cosmological constant.
The de Sitter cosmology is dominated by a repulsive cosmological constant [LAMBDA] which in a flat Universe yields an expansion rate of the Universe H that does not vary over time.
In two years, when cosmologists have more precisely calibrated their instruments and analyzed more data, they may know whether the cosmological constant needs to be scrapped.
Let us consider Einstein's Field equation with cosmological constant.
mu]] of fields are defined up to gauge transformation, the cosmological constant [LAMBDA] will be determined with the same precision.
In my talk, I will discuss the current limits on the equation of state, and show why during another period of accelerated expansion--inflation-an omega close to -1 is not necessarily an indication for a cosmological constant.
This discovery has brought into being the concept of dark energy, which may be linked to Einstein's cosmological constant.
The results tell us that dark energy is a cosmological constant, as Einstein proposed.
An example of this might be the value of the cosmological constant cited earlier.
This possibility cannot be accommodated in the cosmological Concordance Model based on the Einstein equations with a cosmological constant in the framework of general relativity (GR).
These strong facts made Einstein reverse his views on the fudge factor, a cosmological constant he had earlier introduced.
An Einstein equation without any cosmological constant is given by
The cosmological constant conventionally denoted the Greek letter A, is a parameter describing the energy density of the vacuum and a potentially important contributor to the dynamical history of the universe.
Introduction to general relativity and the cosmological constant problem.
The famous scientist came up with the idea when he proposed a theory of gravitation in 1917, but he quickly retracted the part about the cosmological constant.