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Synonyms for cosmological

pertaining to the branch of astronomy dealing with the origin and history and structure and dynamics of the universe

pertaining to the branch of philosophy dealing with the elements and laws and especially the characteristics of the universe such as space and time and causality


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We ve introduced the idea of using these new phenomena to study cosmological objects in the universe, said Kiyoshi Masui, a postdoctoral fellow at UBC and a global scholar with the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research.
Against Aristotle's view that metaphysics and theology converge on the idea that the highest being or God is the final cause of the universe, Van Riel seeks to revive the cosmological interpretation of Plato's gods spanning from the early Socratic dialogues, especially the Euthyphro, to the Timaeus and Laws.
Adam Moss, from the University of Nottingham, combined the data from Planck with gravitational lensing observations in which images of galaxies are warped by the curvature of space-time, and concluded that the current discrepancies can be resolved if massive neutrinos are included in the standard cosmological model.
In two years, when cosmologists have more precisely calibrated their instruments and analyzed more data, they may know whether the cosmological constant needs to be scrapped.
LAMBDA]] a cosmological constant for the vacuum energy density today.
It's not the theory that's a problem 6 it's the assumption of the cosmological principle," Clowes told Space Reporter.
The boundary drawn between the cosmological and teleological arguments is "a somewhat arbitrary and hazy" according to W.
This theory is sill accepted by most cosmologists today to describe cosmological principles such as the homogeneity and isotropy of the universe.
An Einstein equation without any cosmological constant is given by
The cosmological constant conventionally denoted the Greek letter A, is a parameter describing the energy density of the vacuum and a potentially important contributor to the dynamical history of the universe.
The improved version offers a wide range of new services, from updates on cosmological events, to historical maps and virtual tours of the sky, said a statement from Google.
At the core of his thinking was a cosmological concept he called the Omega Point, a singularity outside space and time, and beyond the laws of physics to which the expansion of intelligent "life" inevitably leads.
Smolin is having none of this, seeing neither a cosmic designer nor Susskind's cosmological landscape as a scientifically productive path.
They think the nebula, first recorded by Chinese astronomers in 1054, may be the first cosmological object with a third magnetic pole.
Highly recommended as a riveting introduction to cosmological mysteries for lay readers.