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Synonyms for cosmologic

pertaining to the branch of astronomy dealing with the origin and history and structure and dynamics of the universe

pertaining to the branch of philosophy dealing with the elements and laws and especially the characteristics of the universe such as space and time and causality


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Too, Dawkins' argument (and others like it) claiming that all things are possible if given enough time is specious in a manner similar to the earlier-mentioned cosmologic arguments: It is overly simplified, and turned backward.
We are delighted to be representing COSMOlogic in North America, says Dr Rob Scoffin, CEO at Cresset.
The guide examines the cosmologic, spiritual and textual journey, canticle by canticle and region by region, in the same sequence as Dante the pilgrim experiences it.
In this cosmologic configuration Nietzsche does not convey to the superhuman absolute universal values; the world according to Nietzsche remains a random and irrational manifestation of phenomena neither guided by logic nor by unity but in which the sole energy of "will to power" (5) determines an eternal recurrence of events that link humans of the past to those of the present.
These ethnographical analogies helped with interpreting the famous Nebra disc as a possible depiction of Bronze Age cosmologic notions (Pasztor and Roslund 2007), in which these atmospheric phenomena caused by the solar light and the rainbow beside the sun, moon and the Pleiades cluster might have had significant roles (Figure 2).
In Hutcheson, however, the moral teleology of human nature, within a cosmologic providential order, is obstructed by the psychological impossibility of man opening himself to a transcendent moral order, which guarantees the existence of a universal moral law.
On the contrary, these should be calibrated to the world and to the cosmos' greatness, where their 'essential' importance vanishes: "The cosmologic experience binds up with the object-like condition of the inhabitants living in the society at its completion, into Zivilisation.
Since rationality characterizes the consistency of the response to cosmologic stipulations, it cannot be anthropomorphic but rather anthropocentric.
725K is not translated at the level of the anisotropy maps, as would be expected for a signal of cosmologic origin.
Just like the cosmologic theories of Greek speculative thought, the tragic universe of the Ion is governed by far-reaching chaos and constant change.
Recent public clashes between science and faith, perhaps best epitomized by the creationism/intelligent design versus evolution debate in the United States, have raised public perception of the existence of a great, seemingly unbridgeable cosmologic divide which is clearly the cause of considerable unease among professionals and the public alike.
Oskar Milosz, France's contribution to cosmologic poetry, conceived his universe in the 1920s in the "poems" Ars Magna and Les Arcanes.
West-Running Brook," filled with a husband and wife's playful cosmologic theorizing or metaphysical banter, overcomes its incipient didacticism by a sudden dreamlike power (as we see an eddying wave transformed to a white bird struggling in an ominous dark pool) and an astonishingly ironic ambivalence (where individual life is seen to issue from a moment of unexplainable "regret" in an endless entropic streaming toward oblivion).
This cosmologic speculation, which reduces the universe to the role of a convenient assembly line for its terminal product, the human species, is ultimately grounded in an a priori conviction of some form of transcendence in human evolution.
In this case the universes appear as part and parcel of a cosmologic thing called "inflation.