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the science that maps the general features of the universe

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a representation of the earth or the heavens

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In this context, deserving of mention is the brief traditional-oriented mention of the ship experiment by Galileo himself, in the work entitled Treatise on the Sphere, or Cosmography, written in 1597.
The resilience-enhancing approach is in concert with the ecological, or person-in-environment, perspective of the profession (Bronfenbrenner, 1979) as well as Hawaiian cosmography (Mokuau, in press).
Several of my friends who have never been initiated into the arcane cosmography of the pre-Columbian world described Pardo's rooms as being like the "interior of a submarine" or the "bottom of the ocean.
It unfolds a cosmic world panorama like the maps of the new cosmography.
That is, cosmography continued to treat cosmology as foundational--many map-makers from Sebastian Munster to Jodocus Hondius were geographer-theologians--however, the new forms of mapping displaced God to the textual and ritual mediations that accompanied the maps.
The Hermetic books covered subjects ranging from magic, alchemy, healing, and wisdom to writing, cosmography, geography, and mathematics.
The force of Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie's account of the Cathar villagers of early fourteenth-century Montaillou and the Friulian miller's cosmography in Carlo Ginzburg's The Cheese and the Worms are both directly attributable to the sheer rarity of the insights they afforded into lost mentalities.
In the cosmography of the dream, however, his elemental determination is aquatic in no uncertain terms: he is fully submersible.
But Kantor emerged from his explorations with a clearer understanding of barbecue and his own place in its cosmography.
Section 1 provides a prehistory of Jewish settlement in the New World, looking especially at cosmography, science, and theology, and the process of undermining ancient authorities.
Betemps is admirably broad-based: she covers cosmography, cosmogony, medicine, faculty psychology, meteorology .
It is also interesting to note that in Chinese cosmography, the Yin and Yang, which are the negative and positive principles of universal life, are symbolized, respectively, by the Tiger and the Dragon (458).
It is impossible to present this system in detail here, but when the judge prescribed this particular diagonal, four-cornered configuration for the destruction of Tupac Amaru Irs body, the prescription, whether he knows it or not, read directly into Andean cosmography in ways Areche undoubtedly did not control.
In the 16th century one of the most important geographical works was The Cosmography of Sebastian Munster published in Basle between 1540 and 1620, which shows that the publication of a great book took years to finish.
In order to foster personal responsibility, his classroom method was Socratic, and his advanced classes on cosmography and mathematics demonstrated how theory related directly to everyday life.