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the science that maps the general features of the universe

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a representation of the earth or the heavens

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His interest covered almost all scientific fields of the time: philosophy, theology, physics, chemistry, medicine, anthropology, zoology, botany, mineralogy, geology, astronomy, meteorology, mathematics, mechanics, climatology, cosmology, cosmography, architecture etc, without neglecting various practical skills such as weaving, sailing, husbandry, etc.
The visual connection with Cunningham's work on cosmography may have been intended by Palmer as a compliment, further privileging Dudley's connections with knowledge and truth.
In that way, Cesaire's cosmography implicitly challenges the order of the world established by the colonial powers.
However, it probably was after 1597, for in his Treatise on the Sphere, or Cosmography, written that year, Galileo still seems to accept the contrary claim.
He also covers the impact of the rediscovery of classical geographic texts, and the contributions of learned armchair cosmography among scholars in Florence and Portugal (though he skips over the importance of Nuremberg as a center of geographic inquiry and of Bristol as a launch pad of exploration).
This polarized worldview characterizes the "geography of [ Webber's] universe" (11), a definitive cosmography in which it is: "better to be more North than South.
In line with Hawaiian cosmography (Mokuau, in press), we define health broadly to include social and health issues rather than a sole focus on the absence of disease.
Other essays concern the publishing tradition of popular works (Leandro Alberti's Description of Italy and the humorous tales of folk-hero Piovano Arlotto); a blatant case of plagiarism (Niccolo Gorgonzola's ripoff of a competitor's Terence); a private library at Ferrara in the late sixteenth century; and a censored copy of Sebastian Munster's Cosmography.
He was to spend the rest of his life writing and lecturing about subjects that interested him most, especially Nature and what one critic has called "the cosmography of the imagination.
I do not know whether Pardo knew about Mictlan before he began this project, or, if he did, whether he consciously tried to match his design to pre-Columbian cosmography.
Some attractive papers are extremely illuminating about Alberti's broad interests and contacts, about Dominican networking, the evolution of cosmography (place description, in Ptolemy's concept), and geography (description of the world), and for the two-way interactions between descriptive geography and prints, or Egnazio Danti's wonderful frescoed maps in the Vatican.
From pre-Columbian Amerindian cosmography through the richness of medieval mappae mundi, from Japanese portolans to the barrage of 19th-century British Admiralty charts, maps made and manipulated an expanding realm of understanding.
Anzaldua's philosophy is a case in point: in rebellion against a sexually repressive and colonial Catholicism transmitted through the church institution, it privileges spirit as a category of philosophical reflection and recuperates Our Lady of Guadalupe, a central Catholic figure, as the crux of Chicana cosmography.