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the science that maps the general features of the universe

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a representation of the earth or the heavens

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The failure of Magellan's expedition to find the peninsula of Cattigara/India Superior in the vicinity of the Moluccas led the Nuremberg cosmographer Johannes Schoner to the conclusion that America was that peninsula.
41) In contrast to Schoner's solution to the post-Magellanic location of Cattigara, the French poet and cosmographer Jean Mallard kept it, on his map of the world of c.
Schoner's concepts were transmitted to the Dieppe mapmakers through his friend and fellow cosmographer, Oronce Fine, Premier Professeur du Roy des Mathematiques--the King of France's First Professor of Mathematics (more properly translated as "Cosmographer").
He met the cosmographer Bartolomeu Velho, who had produced a map in 1561, and was told of a third world, or second New World, rich in gold and silver, which might be discovered for the King of France without contravening the Treaty of Tordesillas.
The landmass now known as Australia is not the legendary Southern Continent, Terra Australis Incognita, although there was a brief period of 27 years when some cosmographers reasonably thought that it was a northerly projection of that larger continent.
Cosmographers and even armchair travelers might be cosmopolites if their worldly interests led them to explore in maps and books the customs of alien peoples and the contours of a globe that stretched far beyond the English Channel.
Instead an overseer, Emilio de'Cavalieri was appointed in 1588 to supervise the Medici's jewelers, carvers, cosmographers, goldsmiths, miniature painters, gardners, turners, confectioners, clock makers porcelain makers, distillers, sculptors, painters and the master of the mint--"in short all the artists and craftsmen of every profession, condition, and rank, who work for us, either by the day or by appraisal or on salary" (90-91).
Explorers were predisposed to find large landmasses in the southern hemisphere and that is how they and the cosmographers interpreted discoveries like those of Amerigo Vespucci.
In an age when longitude was impossible to determine, the disputes between Spanish and Portuguese cosmographers over the partitioning meridian--and its antemeridian--began immediately and have barely been resolved today.
189) As for Magellanica, which for the majority of cosmographers surpasses in grandeur all of Europe, Asia, and Africa, Botero himself remains skeptical; rather than still another continent sprawling around the earth's southern pole, the various expeditions of the English and Castilians would suggest that it is simply a vast number of islands (1.
Ptolemy's globe, with its land masses depicted in the School of Athens, indicates this particular importance to Renaissance scholars, cosmographers, and navigators.
21 It is now thought to have inspired Alberti's concept of artificial perspective as it surely influenced the great Florentine cosmographer Paolo Toscanelli.
And now newly translated into Englishe, wherein is reformed the errours of the auncient Cosmographers.
Indeed, they hope at that latitude to be able to go through a passage: such nonsense is that 'great world' described by the cosmographers.
She describes the secular power emanating from maps of the world, "la representation hyperbolique et instantanee d'un empire sans bornes" (34), through which cosmographers and other royal advisors achieved individual positions of power and influence.