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The philosophical propositions for cosmology and cosmogony elaborated upon by such a theory must then transcend the intrinsic self-limitations and extrinsic ex-limitations of both mere dogmatic materialism (solipsistic objectivism) and psychologism (solipsistic subjectivism): a more infinitely reflexive-neutral, let alone "surjective", realism will be inherently different from mere passive, dogmatic, and biased (thus ultimately solipsistic) "randomness" and "design", especially when determining a genuine sense of cosmic semiautonomy as well as both the weak and strong anthropic principles.
As we will see later in the discussion, this point is rather critical, as in the cosmogony dialogue the parts of the soul could, according to the commentator, be treated to a certain degree as agent-like, a feature which has been ascribed to them in the Republic.
Stratton (1881-1960), Cambridge, England, in rejecting See's cosmogony, at least thought, 'a very good case is made out for the theory of impact.
They as such recreate the cosmogony of a traditional universe through the instrumentality of a modern medium underscoring the transition and interaction between tradition and modernity.
Building on the fundamental works of her mentors at the University of Chicago, Mircea Eliade and Paul Ricoeur, she argues that Christian theater was embedded in the cosmogony of the Christ-event and developed out of the same mimetic cosmogonic stream as other, more ancient manifestations of theater.
For her, the brick has been the icon of equal significance to the bowl in her cosmogony of basic units and forms.
In DragonSprout, a pyrotechnic fountain of rosy bubbles gushes forth from a central umbilicus, perhaps representing the central moment of creation of the world in the Hindu cosmogony, a burst of pure energy here embraced by delicate blue-green leaves.
From its opening lines, (11) Book 15 can be seen to stand in an architectural relationship to Book 1, where we find a densely allusive cosmogony clearly derived from various physical and metaphysical theories (Met.
It happens because Cosmogony (the study of the universe origin) is a grey area where science and theology meet and strongly resist to separation.
All versions of the theory of evolution are concerned with how already existing life evolves and changes into new or different species over time and how universe itself evolved over time when the term is used in evolutionary cosmogony.
Cosmovision" refers to the worldview of Mesoamericans, effectively combining cosmogony and cosmology (i.
No cosmogony, cosmology, or creation myth in a Celtic language survives to our time" (MacKillop 127).
However, of greater significance than the sequence is the language of cosmogony that the commentator employs to account for it.
The idiosyncratic duality (creator and destroyer) of Soyinka's Muse Ogun, contained in Yoruba Cosmogony, seems to impose some constraint on his literary ideology.
In the first part of her essay, she describes Ngaju conceptions of the universe, the secondary burial ceremony (tiwah), and the voyage of the soul according to Panaturan, the official collection of Ngaju oral cosmogony and mythological stories written for the first time in 1973 in the sangiang sacred language.