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In order to read Timaeus as a pillar of philosophical dualism, Derrida ignores most of the cosmogony that makes up the bulk of this Socratic dialogue.
Key Words: Daoism, Plato, philosophy, wu-wei, religion, cosmogony
The current theory of cosmogony states that Creation started with a "big-bang" from one particle (singularity) that started to rapidly oscillate with immediate hyper-inflation and continuous expansion of the universe (brane theory, from the term "membrane").
Reading the book, you can feel like you have already read all my books: like Tomorrow I Will Be Twenty, like Broken Glass with the people in the bar, like Memoirs of a Porcupine because of the belief systems or cosmogony.
4) Cosmogony replaced theogony; cosmology, the rule of Zeus.
Maybe galactocentrism of the kind I'm describing is a critical step on the path to a more enlightened cosmogony.
Johannes Haubold argues in the first paper that Oannes' speech in the first book was the signature text of Berossos' book, being not merely a summary of Enuma Elis but a sophisticated account of cosmogony shaped in terms of Greek philosophy in order to provide an example of "barbarian wisdom" as described by Aristotle.
These understandings were explored in elementary modes, such as the ensemble of weaving, cutting, stacking and moulding proposed as fundamental by the nineteenth century architect-theorist Gottfried Semper, and models that link material culture and praxis to cosmogony and symbolism (Semper, 2004, see also Pearce (1994) and Henare (2006)).
The poem, which is based on the imagery of the Gay Tarot, presents an alternative cosmogony myth: "In the Gay Tarot, roughly based/ on Platos notion of the twin flames/ of creation, mans soul-mate// is not essentially woman: the aftermath/ of which is the decaying legacy/ of flesh and blood, the family, the clan.
There is the equation of Gao's art with the music of Schoenberg and Olivier Messiaen (32); the insight that Gao's paintings lack an "identifiable focal point" and thus "destabiliz[e] the viewer's gaze" (56, 266-230); the detail that Gao paints strictly by electric light in a white-walled, black-floored room, thereby mirroring or exteriorizing the chromatics of his art (74); discussion of the "extreme care" with which Gao chooses his paper, attentive to minute differences in texture, absorptiveness, and "drying rates" (85); the suggestion that "each painting is a cosmogony in miniature" (99).
The Babylonian civilization has several important literary creations, among which Enuma Elis, written, probably, between the 13th and the 12th century BC, is a poem centered on cosmogony and theogony.
a new neutral synthesis of ubiquitous doctrines such as substantivalism and occasionalism, as well as absolutism and relativism, for cosmology and cosmogony.
The final section addresses the ritual practice of time in connection with sociology, politics, eschatology, and cosmogony, among other perspectives.
Drawing on the works of African novelists, including early writers such as Amos Tutuola to contemporary novelists such as Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Hawley recapitulates the debates about how African traditional religions, Islam, and Christianity shape the literary traditions of African writers, who are caught in the battle for the survival of African cosmology and cosmogony against the colonial hostile assaults of Euro-Christian persona creativa en el contexto de la Jamaica del siglo 18.
On the other hand the antique cosmogony of the Homeric left the world that was constantly widening without adequate explanation.