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Kelly Richardson immerses spectators in vertiginous cosmogonies.
The generalization of these in the Hesiodic and Orphic cosmogonies retains this characteristic.
63), it is curious that the authors find no place to address the atheistic cosmogonies of the classical tradition, which are inconsistent with this generality.
Her Mexican origin leads us to think of pre-hispanic cosmogonies and pantheistic ceremonies where human beings merge with geography.
It also provides new metaphors, figures of speech, reasoning modes, etymologies, analogies, and cosmogonies.
These are the divinatory almanacs, sometimes combined with protocols for ritual or cosmogonies that soothsayers used to maintain the vital links between men and the gods.
This is why neither of these competing cosmogonies can be honestly advanced without at least contemplating its opposite, either philosophically or scientifically.
Borges then embeds multiple hints to the Gnostics in the fabulations, the heresiarchs from Iraq and Asia Minor for whom the visible world is an illusion in "Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius," the gospel of Basilides in "The Library of Babel," and "Three Versions of Judas," the cosmogonies that tell of the sub-deities that mold an imperfect Adam in "The Circular Ruins.
African cosmogonies have been denied or deprecated as unworthy of study by the Eurocentric biases that are the legacy of colonialism, and that continue to influence even self-conceivedly radical and revolutionary Caribbean thinkers.
82] The traditional struggle between Platonistic and Aristotelian modes of musical structuralization and conceptualization continued apace, but was intensified by new conflicts brought on by developments in the natural sciences: ideas versus numbers, metaphors versus representations, the cosmologies and cosmogonies of met aphysics versus the exact figures and measurements of modern astronomy and physics.
Both profile two similar yet competing cosmogonies, one in the realm of feelings and one in the register of physical transformations.
In Selected Essays of Wilson Harris: The Unfinished Genesis of the Imagination (Routledge, 1999), which he edited, he says: "Harris's literary art is a highly individual fusion of hidden traditions of the imagination, native cosmogonies, alchemy, dreams, quantum physics; parables of man in the living landscapes; the aboriginal religions and cultures of Central and South America; the great Western tradition; fables of history and society; Jungian archetypes; hypotheses on time and space, and much else.
In Z'Graggen's first collection of materials, And Thus Became Man and World (1992), he illustrated Melanesian cosmogonies.
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