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pertaining to the branch of astronomy dealing with the origin and history and structure and dynamics of the universe

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Herzl's Altneuland still harbours, despite its anti-utopian protests, the narrative desire for a universe in which, as Fourier had once speculated cosmogonically, five moons illuminating the sky would transform the globe, causing the ice to recede from the poles, and ultimately will bring about a new social harmony (494-6).
This being a cosmogonically philosophic problem of some significance, it would augur for the polemic that the mere existence of our own universe presupposes that it had a beginning, despite certain arguments from the inflationary model of astrophysics in recent years that it could have originated from nothing.
After a preliminary discussion of the general philosophical context within which Anaxagoras' thought is to be comprehended, I begin by distinguishing between noetic stuff in general (nous, or 'something') and nous as a definite something (hereafter Nous, or 'some thing'); this distinction reasonably supports the hypothesis that it is the latter rather than the former which is cosmogonically efficacious.
s placement of F10 between F9 and F13 seems highly plausible as indicating the cosmogonically required transition from nous-in-general to the nous in particular, i.
The claim needing justification at this juncture is that it is only when nous has become Nous that it has become cosmogonically efficacious; F10/B12.