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Synonyms for cosmogonical

pertaining to the branch of astronomy dealing with the origin and history and structure and dynamics of the universe

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If there are no novel words, then novelty evanesces, and without the cosmogonical potential of new talk, immobility and stasis render the world lifeless.
Brodsky's own experience of the Russian language as a subjective, cosmogonical tool, as a creator of private existence, is here transformed into a tale of mythmaking, universal proportions.
These constitute one of the two important categorical schemes that guide the cosmogonical identifications.
Middle Persian, Parthian, and Sogdian) contains fourteen separate subdivisions demarcated by subject: 1) hymns to the Father of Greatness (the "supreme being" of Manichaeism); 2) hymns featuring cosmogonical or eschatological doctrines; 3) hymns to the Living Self (MP griw zindag); 4) hymns to the Third Messenger (i.